Video – Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace match highlights including VAR controversy

Video highlights – Arsenal blows a two-goal lead in a game full of controversy.

The highlights show it was certainly an entertaining game, there is no denying that. However, it was also very controversial with some very dodgy VAR decisions.

It is easy to get sidetracked by the Granit Xhaka incident but we have to stay focused on what went so wrong yesterday.

It is unacceptable to lose a two-goal lead at home to an inferior team. That is exactly what happened yesterday and questions need to be answered.

The video from Sky Sports is only a few minutes long with highlights only. But there is still enough there to see where the biggest problems continue to be.

Anyway, I cannot say enjoy the video, it is too depressing for that.


  1. I just want an explanation from whosoever was in charge of that Var yesterday if I were AFC,that is what I’ll be demanding. But I dont think that will be attended to.

    The var in the premier league is proven to be an absolute joke and obviously they are against us because they support Man u. AFC needs to probe into yesterday’s var decision

  2. It is actualy laughable to see the overwelming consetration on Xhaka when the real issue is rather how we were robbed (again) by ref and VAR.Try to deviate the undeviatable

    1. It’s not like we deserved to win based on performance. We literally started playing after Palace had scored the second!

      Controversial calls always evens out at the end of the season. Real problems are our defense and now our attack! We have scored only 15 goals so far with our attacking force.

      That being said, that VAR guy needs to be sacked along with Emery.

      1. And yet, despite you saying its not like we deserved to win going on our performance, without the poor VAR decisions that match ends 3-1 to us 🤷‍♂️
        Add in that if the ref hadn’t been making so many bad calls then maybe our attacks wouldn’t have constantly been blunted, and definitely a much better chance that the squad would have been positioned better to stop their 2ng goal considering half the team had just been complaining to the ref.
        That was a much better and aggressive performance from the team (far from perfect but much better) compared to recent league performances imo, but hey what do I know, according to many on here I’m mad, clueless, lacking intelligence or just uneducated just because I choose to be positive about the team we all love rather than jump on the negativity train lmao 🤷‍♂️🤣

      2. I like that, all of it. You just forgot to add first Kroenke boards & Emery implement & or paid/ used for.

        When you have an owner with no passion and respect but for that Dollar bill, you have football represented by Wenger, EPL he is so important in this Millennium; all destroyed.

        Wenger made Arsenal a top brand and Kroenke did him as he is doing everyone of us fans & football lovers; making a great game, culture on its own, passion & love turn to an awful thing and ending.

        Henry so rare there but last night, was a great thing for Arsenal, the game – drama makes his presence even more special.

        I hope fans will get that love and get that he will not accept any job.

        I’m sure he has noticed how much Prof is being missed in this stadium and knows why and how so barrassing it is when Sir Ferguson thanks Jim for making him even more so passionate for this game.

        To replace Mr Wenger is to make a fresh & more powerful brand. It is impossible unless he is Arsenal boss. Kroenke got that.

        Kroenke out happens by not buying tickets nor shirts. Sponsors and TV have no purpose with no shirts in an empty stadium…

        Means Arsenal is fans’ controlled by and not Kroenke.

        Spain calls them socios; we need that set up for the club! Fan based on winning strategy. That’s why they have been on top of Europe so often past decades and before.

        Wenger is like and even more so like Perez in Madrid so does Alex in United.

        Whoa, when will we see our Prof back home we were manipulated and blinded to sack for Kroenke,,?

        When we strike sack his bully no class cowboy individual out of town; have our boss Wenger take over, pick coach, then we will keep that brand and legacy for another decade!

        1. Be careful what you wish for, driving out TV and sponsorship money may work in the short term and get rid of Kroenke, but it may cripple this club in the longterm. Trying to get them back and rebuild the club may be a herculean task, just look at how the Wenger transition has been a nightmare. Besides, Kroenke has been spending immensely. Gave us £72M Pepe and £64M Auba, £52M Laca so on and so forth. Kroenke CANNOT be blamed for our current situation. He has already proven he is committed. The managers are the problem.

  3. Ok am starting to worry now. We are struggling to beat smaller teams at home. All our wins in league were unconvincing. I’m not even sure if we can finish 6th this season. The biggest problem is not our defence, its our midfield. Compare our midfield players to those under Wenger. No matter how good the defence they can’t do much of the midfield players can’t hold on to the ball.

    1. We are not far off being called a small club ourselves absolute embarrassment from top to bottom a complete shambles Dick Emery has to go I take Mourinho tomorrow!!

      1. I would also take mourinho at the moment. Is quite unfortunate because we all had high hopes for Emery beginning of last season.

        1. @ArsenalWhy
          High hopes, speak for yourself. Dude got fired from his last job, where he had much better players than he does now, and in a 3/4 team league…

  4. It’s clear that VAR is not working for Arsenal. Most decisions even during Wenger’s time were always against Arsenal and it’s not only in EPL but even in UCL. However, still we should not be blaming the officials in these kind of games especially against average teams. It’s unacceptable.


    This is the first time am commenting and giving my views on all this Xhaka saga.
    Let me start by pointing out that fans don’t attend games to only watch the game but cheer. Cheering the team means supporting the team regardless of results . However, fans have every right to show their feelings by all means including booes. The only way that a fan can be heard is by application of such attics. Having said that, the players are people too and have every right to show their frustrations as well because at the end of the day, they are not robots. Xhaka is a player I dislike and will never lie to myself that I will ever see anything good in him. However, to be diplomatic, the fans had their right to make it known that they are not comfortable watching him start games. He on the other hand, had the right to show that he was not happy with the criticisms.
    The only problem I have with him is that he is a captain and should know how to save his career by trying to ignore his rightful emotions for the sake of tomorrow.
    Let me point out similar incidents:

    Being a good leader is not just about quality, it’s about personality. Remember when Jorginho got booed? He ignored it and proved Chelsea fans wrong. Xhaka gets booed and tells his fans to fuck off, refuses to greet the manager and swears against his own supporters.

    Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid era won 4 UCL, 4 Ballon d’Or, La liga, Kings cup, Club world cups, Super cups etc. gets booed for whatever stupid reasons but he reacts by scoring a hattrick and do the talking on the pitch


    • Stripped off captaincy
    • Benched by Jose
    • Pundits claimed he downplayed tools
    • Media turned most fans against him
    • Booed him off the pitch vs Cardiff
    • Criticised even for haircuts
    But he Never turned against the fans.

    Xhaka has to change his attitude.
    Ozil has been through all these booing, sidelines, media attacks but he has never gestured at the fans.
    Torreira despite being sidelined, showed character,love and respect as he emotionally broke down in tears in support of his captain. Three more senior players visited Xhaka after the game to console him and it’s okay for teammates. Apparently, Arsenal management is holding a showcourse meetingg today and most probable outcome is a fine and captaincy strip for Xhaka.

    In conclusion, Emery jobs becomes harder than it has ever been. He is clearly getting exposed in all dimensions. Poor people management, poor results and overall poor performance..
    Positive outcome, we might start seeing a midfield that has no Xhaka and that’s why the BOOING might be working and unfortunately if this turns out to work in the favor of the fans then am sorry to say that it’s just a beginning because you don’t abandon a tactics that works to your favor and am for it. Aslong as it works and it makes the message heard, then it should be used.

  5. Now we were awful and the fans rightly showed their frustrations.
    What I’ve just seen though is quite upsetting it’s the article showing photos of torreira upset and with tears in his eyes as xhaka goes off the pitch to boos. Bellerin tries console him.
    So that is another player in torreira wholl be pushing to leave us soon, hes clearly an emotional fella and will not want to stick around here to potentially get some of that himself one day.
    What a bloody mess!!

    1. From the outside, it looks as if the club is imploding. Emery is on extremely thin ice for me, but even replacing him will not solve all our problems. As you say, it’s a mess!

      I guess we all have to remember we’re still going through a transitional phase, and not all transitions go smoothly.

      1. TMJW- I can remember when Bruce Ricoh was brought in as Manager in the 1995-96 season.He was considered the right man for the job after the George Graham debacle and Stewart (Coneman) Huston period and few argued at the time.He was replaced after a season when it was obvious the Club was too big for him.No sentiment.No delay.Sacked before it was too late.This is the issue with Emery.He has proved he is not capable of taking us forward and he needs replacing NOW before we lose yet another season under his reign.
        Let’s show the halls of being a big club for a change and act now.We are going backwards with no sign of any improvement to show for his time at the club.
        He proved at PSG he could not handle being in charge of a big club and he needs sacking before we end up as under achievers just like the 2pur7’s up the road

  6. Are we deviating the real problem again. Your cmment may have merit but will not solve the real problem before we get not imparsiality.

  7. As said above i agree about the mf.
    I discussed leicester this morning with my dad versus arsenal.
    Dad naively said it was the vardy effect.
    And I said well weve got aubameyang and lacazette and still dont haven’t same impact.
    Looking at Leicester they’ve Harvey barnes, tielemans and Madison all young and creative.
    Hownid settle for dor one of them at the moment. They certainly spent their 80m incoming well.

    1. Midfield is where games are controlled and won; the Arsenal midfield is full of physically and mentally weak wimps and has been with few exceptions since Gilberto Silva left.

  8. @kobie
    My comment? Or the article?
    The big problem is saw yesterday was a couple of lose cannon cbs who yes ironically scored the goals and the lack of a mf defensive screen torreira, (hed play nearly every game if up to me).

  9. Most Arsenal fans and ex players are pathetic, No one seems to talk about Zaha’s dive. If that was an arsenal player you would Michael Owen and co saying he was already on his way down even when it was obvious there was no contact. I thought VAR usually says it was not clear and obvious then you had Pepe fouled for the equalizer and the so cold VAR didn’t check that out,the worst was VAR canceling an obvious legitimate goal. Again I ask where is the clear and obvious Error in that? I had expected Wright and co to be on about as would have Carragher and Michael Owen do if it were against their respective clubs. Arsenal as a club has been cheated a lot of times and it’s high the fans took the lashing out at the officials rather than the team. I am sure if the disallowed goal was awarded we all won’t be talking too much about the game just like the Villa game.

  10. Probably the worst VAR decision I have yet seen is Socratis ‘the Wrestlers’ goal. I will have to state that the VAR assistant is corrupt or a chancer. There is no reason to be seen….WHATSOEVER that the referee made an error. There should be an investigation. That would ensure that chancers will not in the future make ‘unusual’ decisions. Arsenal should challenge this ‘unusual’ decisions. It must be investigated by the EPL. It was CHEATING by an official…and not the referee.

  11. A closer look at the footage shows that Milojevic (I think), actually pushed Chambers when the cornerkick was taken. He wasn’t even looking at the ball, he just pushed Chambers. We ought to have been awarded a penalty, if Sokratis hadn’t scored. VAR Disallowing the goal was arrant nonsense. If this is what VAR brings to the Epl, then it’s just rubbish and can easily be manipulated.

    1. Abu

      I do agree that it’s Emery. But maybe the EPL think supporters can’t see or are stupid. They KNOW that a ‘rogue’ decision has been made. I call it corruption of ability or more sinister corruption. It was clearly to anybody….even Spud supporters or Michael Owen….’Rogue’. Even if it makes them happy,…………Arsenal were cheated.

    2. It’s both. We were literally robbed of two points by this decision. You realize the VAR officials invented a foul that didn’t exist and took away our win? United get three points from terrible performances all the time and have gotten into UCL spots being unimpressive for half the season. Dropping two points for absolutely no reason is a big deal, and Arsenal should file a complaint and deserve answers.

      1. And unfortunately these decisions and the points lost impact on coach/manager’s careers.
        As Napoleon Bonaparte once stated; he take a lucky general over a good one. Emery and Arsenal have not been “lucky” too often, with examples being the offside goal given Spurs last season, plus numerous examples of penalties denied. Lacazette has to be pole axed with a goal post to be given a penalty and even Socrates can be man handled with no repercussions.

  12. VAR devices are not the problem, but the corrupt human bunch behind them, who both skew and sometimes ignore clear facts altogether just to execute their ignoble intentions.
    How many points have we been robbed by corrupt officiating over the years? How many more are we going to be robbed yet? I am very sad because these injustices in officiating seems to primarily focused on Arsenal. WHY IS THAT?
    I saw the same thing happen in the Liverpool vs Tottenham match where a penalty was awarded to Liverpool for a foul they committed against Tottenham, while for Arsenal a clearly scored goal was wiped off. WHY?

    It’s time this cult called PIGMOB or something began to be investigated and given serious sanctions. Otherwise I don’t know what else is match fixing.

  13. Arsenal should start buying technical players in the mold of David Silva, Benardo Silva, Cazorla, Febrgas. They are the type of players we need in our midfield right now. I hope we sign Isco in January, I read he is not happy at the Bernabéu.

    1. Frank, that has been the problem; Arsenal have bought too many “technical” players in midfield, who are not physically strong enough to compete in the EPL. Arsenal are constantly bullied off the ball in midfield by teams having taller, stronger and more aggressive competitive midfielders. Arsenal need to bring in midfielders, who if they can’t be played off the park, can’t be kicked off it either. Arsenal’s winning teams had these players.

  14. Even if Arsenal sign Messi Cristiano Ronaldo. Mbappe and other regular world class goals scoring players to be scoring goals regularly for Arsenal to be winning matches in the PL, but notwithstanding, yet the pigmob board members will still find a way to make sure in their organised match fixing Arsenal are denied the points they’ve legitimately won on the field of play in PL matches with the sole aim to stop our beloved Arsenal from winning the PL title again ever since they last won it in 2003-2004 season.

    Yes! I 100% support Arsenal should lodge a formal complain to the FA on the unlawful cancellation of the match winning goal that Sokratis scored in their home PL match against Crystal Palace last Sunday evening yesterday. And also cite the none awarding Arsenal of 2 penalties in the last away match to Sheff Utd in the PL when the VAR was deliberately unused to review the 2 fouling cases on Sokratis and Saka by the opponent players in their box as reference points in their case submission to the FA to review all the 3 incidents and compensate Arsenal accordingly.

    But if Arsenal keep quiet over this matter limiting their grieves only to the media instead of to make official complains to the FA on the issues, Arsenal will continue to be taking for a ride for cheating in their PL matches by the Pigmob members till only God knows when the cheating of Arsenal in the PL will stop.

  15. Yes, there would be good news. We could even expect him leave in January. However, I just couldn’t imagine the pressure on Torreira or Willock as they will be the ones who will take the position. Willock is still very young and probably is not having good confidence at the moment. Started against Sheffield and Vitoria only to be subbed at half time was not good for him. So, that would be Torreira, who was caught in tears witnessing the incident. Let’s just hope that he could cope with the pressure.

  16. VAR will have teething problems for years and it wont be just us who suffers so lets talk about the real issues from booing to Ozil to Xhaka to team selection to tactics and there`s one connection to them all…………………Count Emery !…………..he needs to stand up and be counted !…………….just an “o” stops The Count from being a C##t !

    Even more scary as we approach Halloween is there was a notion to extend The Counts contract in the summer and I seriously have to ask has anyone looked and checked whether there are any puncture wounds on Josh Kroenke`s neck ?

    The whole situation has become VARsical !

  17. Liverpool asked Rodgers to leave in October and see where they are now. Any wait till January? It’s already too late with 26% of the season gone already.
    I remember people jumping with “we are third in table just one point behind Man City” before the international break. All I said was a couple of bad results and we will down the table. Now we are 4 points off 4th place and just one point above Crystal Palace

  18. I personally feel that the injustice on AFC by the referees is not challenged.The pundits, fans and players should have to roar loudly.If not challenged we r giving’ consent for the injustice to continue.Yesterday, it was vividly done against us.This I think is not a one time act.Instead, it was a commulative effect for being silent when injustice happened previously.I 100% support Unai for the injustices on AFC but I know and challenge him afterwards that he is not fit enough to manage Arsenal.The thinking ”I will support the injustices of VAR because it helps us to push Unai out of Arsenal F.C” is so dangerous.

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