Video – Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa full match highlights of remarkable comeback

What a game that was at the Emirates yesterday, loads of negatives and positives can be taken from the game and one thing we can all agree on, it was entertaining.

The negatives are numerous including some shocking play in the first half but it cannot be ignored that the lads showed immense character to come back twice and all that with just ten men, they did not allow their heads to drop and that in itself is a massive improvement.

If they use the experience from this game in the right way then it could be a turning point for the rest of the season.

It should also be noted that Arsenal is now fourth in the standings just two points behind second-placed Man City and in better shape it seems than the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham.


  1. I can use the phrase “immense character” if that second half display was against ManC or Liverpool. Agreed the had a second half comeback against Spurs, but then Watford happened, which showed Emery doesn’t learn anything.
    What makes me sad is that there is no style/system/substance to our play, and it’s a mad scramble out there.

    1. Scramble against the top five, scramble against the bottom six, scramble against the balance eight. Scramble against the three Europa opponents, home and away, scramble against the FA opponents. That is what we have been doing for the last year under Unai and previous two years under Arsene. Got rid of Arsene, need to get rid of Unai too.Hopefully he is gone before Christmas.

  2. The Emery Out brigade would still be calling for his head even if we had won 4-0

    Yet we are 4TH place in the table ahead of Spurs, United and Chelsea

    Emery has made some poor decisions, I agree, and I will be willing to call for him to be fired at the end of the season only if he doesn’t finish 4th at the end of the season but he should be given until the end of the season unless we are 6th place or worse in January.

    We are 4th place with a poor defence and without Lacazette. Let’s see how we are when Holding, Bellerin and Tierney come back and bolster our defense.

    1. Not if we defended like a proper team- theres no shape in midfield its a joke how easy there bypassed in there and watford having 31 shots shows it.
      We were dam lucky yesterday and 4-0 wouldnt make a difference to me if the defending was the same id rather 1-0 and defend well , im not looking for clean sheets every week but come on Watford ill say no more.

  3. I was nearly in tears yesterday. Was a rollercoaster of emotions.

    Hopefully the victory teach them some lesson and step up the game play all through 90mins.

    Emery, I don’t want to see Xhaka, A.M-Niles, Sokratis in the starting 11 again. Chambers, Torreira, Holding should take their place.

  4. Fantastic fight back with spirit and real fight, look at Aubameyang’s and Guendouzi’s faces and fist pumping. Reminds me of backs to the wall fightbacks from the Wenger era. I was never an AKB but sorry, I still believe Emery is out of his depth. It was the teams guys that got us back in front with passion, fight and team spirit while Emery sat on the bench with a face like a smacked arse looking like he was thinking about quitting.

  5. My team for Man.U.


    Saka, Willock, Pepe..

    Guendouzi, Torreira..

    Kolasinac, Luz, Mustafi, Chambers..


      1. I reckon for Mickey Mouse Cup:

        ——– Martinez
        Bellerin – Chambers – Mustafi – Kolasinac
        ——- Torreira – Willock
        Nelson – Özil – Saka/ESR
        ——– Martinelli

        I think Holding and Tierney could make a sub appearance.

  6. Man City sacked Pep Guadiola after his first season
    in June 2017 because despite being the richest team
    in the world the team finished 3rd in the League
    18 points behind Chelsea.
    The club was quoted as saying “Guadiola is clueless
    and would never win the title.
    How right they were 🙂
    In Oct 2015 Liverpool appointed Jergen Klopp.
    At the end of the first season Liverpool finished 7th in what
    was essentially a 4 team league which Leicester City won.
    Liverpool lost the Europa League final to Seville
    managed by a clueless Unai Emery.
    The Liverpool fans drummed Klopp out of Anfield
    and the club appointed club legend Steven Gerrard.
    The Liverpool board quoted “Klopp is clue less and will never
    get top 4 and never get out of the group stage of the CL.
    How true those words were eh?
    We need to listen to the fans, they know best 🙂
    In his first season Emery missed top 4 by 1 point
    and also guided the team to the Europa League final.
    This with a team with 20 of Wengers foul smelling deadwood.
    Because of Wenger’s decade of financial mismanagement the club is 200 mill down on spending power and so the defence remains shi#e.
    Yet despite 11 teams now competing for top 6 ,Arsenal is in 4th place with half a dozen players injured, unavailable or still blending in and still with half a dozen of Wenger’s foul smelling over paid dead wood stuffing up the works.
    Emery is nothing short of a miracle worker.
    In Unai we trust.

    1. @ Egu Brainfart/So those “foul smelling deadwood” players you mention.I take it they include Bellerin (who we are desperate to have fully fit) Holding ( ditto Bellerin ) Lacazette ( our best player ) Ozil ( our most creative player) Aubamayang ( one of Europe’s elite strikers) Martinelli ( who could just oust Leno as No1 ) Chambers ( who most would like to see in the team )
      Plus the youth players who are beginning to make their mark in Nkethia Nelson Saka ESR Willock.To you these are all foul smelling deadwood are they?
      Emery has somehow managed to take the Club BACKWARDS.
      He continues to play Luiz, Sokritis, Xhaka when they continue to under perform.We have yet to identify any pattern to our play. He allowed a So So defence to become even worst than Wengers.
      Honestly PAL-I read some of your comments and seriously question your reasoning.It is this manager who coaches and picks the players.7 of the 11 who started the game were his players and not Wengers.Got an answer for that PAL? I was certainly not Wengers biggest fan over his last few seasons but this joker is clueless compared to AW.

      1. @ Pill.
        You are so angry.
        You have just written a load of foul smelling bollocks.
        You say “Martinelli ( who could just oust Leno as No1 )”
        You want an 18 year old winger to play in goal for Arsenal?
        You are seriously deranged.
        Whats wrong with you?
        I never criticised Hector.You just assumed.
        Holding has started in only 31 of Arsenals last 120 PL games.
        Mkhitarian is in Rome because Sanchez went to United
        in another bizarre Wenger transfer bungle.
        Heinrikh had a wretched stay at Arsenal but then simply
        turns up and scores on debut for Roma.
        It just goes to prove how many careers Wenger destroyed at Arsenal especially in his denial last 12 years.
        Wenger turning gold into straw comes to mind.
        But Pill you keep telling us that
        Wengers 30 mill Xhaka is the worlds best DM… really bro?
        “Lacazette is our best player”…you think ?
        Mustafi is the worlds best really.
        Kolo is the worlds best Left side defender … who knew?
        Nelson is going to be the next star.
        As Taylor swift sings
        “Why are you mad when you could be glad
        You need to calm down”
        I always allow the truth the facts and the evidence
        to get in the way of my opinion.
        You should try it sometime.
        In Unai we trust

        1. @ Agu Brainfart-Ok so let’s go through what I said and how you have replied shall we?
          Firstly I am certainly not angry.Just bemused and amused at the same time by your comments.
          You are correct-I should have checked the encrypted text as quite obviously I meant to write Martinez and not Martinelli.Well done to you for picking up on that point.
          Next-I have assumed nothing in regards Hector Bellerin.Your words were,And I quote,”Wengers Foul Smelling Deadwood”. Your words PAL.Not mine.
          Holding was a Wenger but.I don’t believe there is ANYONE on this site who would not have Holding in the team when fit as a CB in place of either Luiz or Somritis( Both certainly NOT Wenger buys but brought into the Club when Emery was Manager).Si another point you have well and truly F***ed yourself over.
          So Mykitarian scores on his debut for Roma.So what.And you blame Wenger for buying him which I totally agree with.The fact I never mentioned him was because he is not at the Club now.But you blame Wenger for not using him and getting the best from him.What about Emery?Mykitarian probably performed worst under Emery than he did under Wenger.As if that was even possible.
          Please tell me where I said Xhaka was the worlds best DM.You can’t because what I actually said was,and I quote
          “ Emery continues to play Luiz Sokritis and Xhaka when they continue to under perform”. Got it now PAL?
          If your going to quote me then quote about what I actually write and not what you believe I have written.It only makes you come across as more stupid than what you are.
          Lacazette-He won our player of the year last season.He has played well when starting this season.Possibly Aubamayang Will fun him close.I don’t believe too many on this site would argue too much with my comment.
          Mustafi is the worlds best CB. Where did I write that?
          Kolo the worlds best LB.Again where have I said that?
          Nelson to be the next star? Yet again your mind (if there is one) is running away from you.
          As the late Great John Lennon wrote MINDGAMES.
          But to sing that you actually need a mind of your own.Something you are seriously lacking PAL

          1. @Piles.
            You might wanna clean up your post it looks like
            a dogs breakfast with so many typos 🙂
            I sure done got you well wound up that’s for sure.
            All good robust debate about soccer the game we love.
            That’s what social media is for.
            Get it off your chest son.
            Hilarious 🙂
            In Unai we trust

        2. AGU EMEN. in truth sir/madam, if anybody is coming across as mad , then it is you my friend.most of your posts are hypocritical and nonsensical ,if we could have subtitles then i think that might be good.i dont actually know how you have not been kicked off here permanently for your constant use of homophobic slurs. do you actually have something against gay people, seriously ?.we are all equal when it comes to our great game, kindly refrain from usingthat type of language again . remember this is a family orientated site, and your dark ages thoughts are unwanted.this is exactly the reason why footballers are being attacked verbally for their race,now you would attack players for their choosing of mates. how very dare you sir/madam.try posting some sensible comments , for a change, then we just might see the real you breaking out , the arsenal football fan. lets stick to things arsenal in the future and keep your homophobic jibes and insults locked away in your, apparently , tiny brain.

    2. “@agu emen
      Man City sacked Pep Guadiola after his first season””
      Pep was never sacked at Man city”

        1. Emery and Xhaka are lovers, why dont they just admit it ?……………..I dont care how much WD40 they use, infact the more homosexuals in the world the better in my opinion as it leaves more women for me.
          Emery will get the sack for playing Xhaka at some point but is blinded by his love for Granit.

        2. @Agu-why would you seriously believe you have got me wound up? You wrote stuff that I had “ supposedly “ written that was so obviously not correct.Did it make you feel more important? Why on this gods earth would you even do that? Still it takes all sorts I suppose. At least you know that nobody takes what you write seriously.And as for a good robust debate? Well if I was five years old then I might be at your level but as I’m not I will just have to wait until you reach puberty-which is probably a few years yet.
          Take a tip from me PAL-always have some tissues handy.Your mum won’t get so upset with you then

          1. PHI, i hope you are having a laugh when you suggester earlier that AGU emen and i are the same person. i have never brought homophobic comments of any description into any debate , either on here , or, anywhere else , for that matter. i am a contankerous old git, and i will openly admit that to anybody, but never would i bring ones sexual preferences into debate.

  7. loving all these top facts guys! 😉

    Here is another one UE is actually a vampire who devours small children’s souls.

    Happy Monday

  8. The homosexual and young boy jibes are out of order and admin needs to do something about it,!
    In Emery we RUST.

    1. Spot on Declan- no need for those comments.Ive crossed the line a few times but that is inexcusable and not deserved. Jesus Christ-we’ve had coaches jailed recently for what they did to young kids while in the youth teams. There are victims that have a lifetime of having to live with what they went through.A bit of common sense needed here Admin because that type of comment has no place on any forum.And no surprise that it was that idiot Agu was it. Total Pr**k

    2. @Decalan.
      Admin allowed “Le Coq Monster” jibe at Emery and Xhaka
      “.Emery and Xhaka are lovers, why dont they just admit it ?……………..I dont care how much WD40 they use, infact the more homosexuals in the world the better in my opinion as it leaves more women for me.
      Emery will get the sack for playing Xhaka at some point but is blinded by his love for Granit.”
      So I am just balancing things up.
      Totally fair.
      If you gonna give it you gotta take it.
      Toughen up son.

      1. I wasn’t in full agreement of Coq’s comments either (and his stupid alias) but yours was beyond belief. And, I’m not your son, in fact likely old enough to be your father but then again you obviously haven’t been educated correctly by your father or anyone else.
        By the way, it’s football not soccer.

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