Video: Arsenal ‘absolutely’ should have had a penalty claims Arteta

Mikel Arteta made his opinion clear on whether his Arsenal side were denied a clear penalty as his side were held 1-1 by Burnley at Turf Moor yesterday afternoon.

The Gunners were easily the best side, but were unable to put a raft of clear-cut chances away.

They were denied a penalty despite a clear handball inside the box, while one penalty which the referee did give was overturned by VAR, and you can’t help but feel hard done-by.

The manager insists that his side should ‘absolutely’ have been given a penalty.

Is it silly to rue on the decision when we should have won the clash without the need of a penalty?


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  1. So… where is Arsenal going? No where at #10 on the table. Each month passes by and Arsenal are showing signs that this might be the worse season after Wenger was kicked out. Several years later and after two managers Arsenal still have not gone above where Wenger had them. We need a properly experienced manager who the players respect.

    The better manager at Everton has done much better with that team: better player selection, better tactics, and better motivation. They win close games.

    If fans and management do not see that this crisis is a result of Arteta, then we have serious problems. More than that, the very selection of Arteta as manager tells us the Kroenkes are not really interested in winning. (They are focused on the LA Ram, not Arsenal.)

    Arteta needs to know his own mistakes are glaring. The tactic of playing from the back with a keeper prone to errors is costing points. With even Villa ahead of Arsenal… the error of letting Martinez leave is obvious, so there is another major problem with how the team was constructed. Martinez might end up with Chelsea… or even United. Martinez #2 in keeping clean sheets, and #4 in saves. Leno is no where in the top ten… that FA Cup was Emi’s doing, not Arteta.

    My sense is that Arteta thinks he is a world class manager trying to win against top 5 teams, but then unable to cope against the bottom half well enough. Ego is a problem, and that too is managerial issue. With his ego Areta could not work with players who would outshine him in terms of fame, effort, tenacity or and the stomach for a fight.

    With superior players able to compete against the top teams, clearly Arsenal is playing down to the opposition when it came to teams below #6. Time for Arsenal to move on… but the great managers are taken. Trying to have inexperienced managers, those players from the past, is really not wise.

    Chelsea changed managers giving clear acknowledgement that experience matters, and winning is the only thing that matters. Next season, they win the EPL. This season they might make it up the Champion’s League.

  2. No, not “silly” at all.

    Since time immemorial managers have rued and complained about (game changing ) decisions that have gone against them.

    Very often said gripes are not justified, and smell of sour grapes – but yesterday ?!?!?!?!

    A CLEAR and OBVIOUS penalty, with the “explanation” from Stockley Park simply not fitting the incident.

    “Proximity” of the 2 players was cited – complete & utter incorrect rubbish.

    I may be wrong, but I think it was Kevin Friend on VAR.

    I would personally like to hear Mr Friends’ rational behind that completely incorrect decision, and why he did not at the very least “advise” the referee to go the the pitch side monitor – a check that could only have produced the one (obvious) decision – penalty.

    We all know, and very much pro’s in the game, that over a long hard season you take 3 points when you have been very much below par, or “sloppy” as we were yesterday ( in fact we brought new meaning to the word).

    The above is what you need in the mix to bring titles, and trophies along.

    Yes, we missed 3 or 4 glorious chances, yes Xhaka had a complete brain fart, yes Pepe missed one I would have put away but ………… we EARNED a penalty that I believe would have won us the game.

    It happens – stink the place out, but go home with 3 points.

    M A made a canny substitution getting Pepe out there facing up a fullback who had just come on for Burnley.


    But how can Arteta legislate for a complete an utter incompetent fool miles away at Stockley park ?

  3. Hi JJ Prawn.

    Para’ 3.

    I think it is Arteta who should be the one who is worried in working under an unambitious, disinterested, clueless , absentee owner such as Stan “If you want to win championships then you would never get involved” Kroenke (and that is a quote from the man himself).

    Also, have we heard from Josh “be very excited” Kroenke of late ……. of course not, probably bored already.

    We were already sleepwalking when Kroenke took complete ownership, and will continue to occupy a place outside of the top 4 whilst under “Kroenke Sporting Enterprises”.

    Top 4 ??? we should building towards winning the thing !

    This guy will not back our manager to the degree he (and the current squad) desperately needs.

    If anyone thinks this is anywhere near a Mikel Arteta side, they are very much mistaken.

    Probably half of the side survive, and that’s’ being generous.

    Pigs ears and silk purses come to mind.

  4. You talk about “ego” JJ Pawn and your post and it’s opinions seem full of it.

    I have to wonder why you have never thought about becoming PL manager, as it seems you have all the answers to our woes.

    Martinez was at our club for ten years and yet he was never considered a top keeper… until Arteta arrived – the man your slating off as not wanting anyone to outshine him!!!
    Are you saying that when Martinez DEMANDED to be our No. 1, MA should have accepted that?
    You say that MA thinks he is a world class manager… why?
    I’ve been impressed with the way he has been very open with the mistakes he has made and has not tried to hide behind the players own mistakes at any time.

    Now I’m not saying that he is the answer, but let’s look at the “big name managers” we missed out on:
    Klopp – now setting records at Anfield that are worse than ever before and winning one trophy in five years.
    Mourinho – with, supposedly, the best squad for years, nowhere near the top and no trophies.
    Ancelotti – getting great results, but no trophy during the same time that MA has been in the role.
    Ole – same as the above scenario, but longer at the club.

    If you admire the way chelsea go about the running of their club, then you might as well give up supporting our club and I wonder why you ever thought we would be like them? The Arsenal have never acted like they do and, to be honest, it’s only since Abramovitch bought the club that they have been like this.
    What you have to realise at some point, is that the sole owner of our club, will NEVER support whatever manager we have.

    As for saying that AW was “kicked out”, that one comment shows you have no idea about the values of our club and what it represents:
    If working for six months after announcing his departure and the club recognising his legacy with an estimated 60,000 Gooners witnessing his farewell presentation of the only gold trophy that recognised his Invincible team, represents being “kicked out” to you, then I can only wonder why you bother following The Arsenal anyway.
    Everyone has their own opinions of course and you and I certainly differ in how we see and support The Arsenal.

    1. you’re mincing words Ken…for all intent and purposes Wenger was “kicked out”…unlike Fergie, he neither chose his successor nor wanted to leave…the club made what they thought was the prudent choice by letting the public believe, albeit only a fool couldn’t see through the façade, that Wenger was actually pulling the strings on his own departure…the fact that Wenger wanted nothing to do with taking a role upstairs, thanks god, and almost immediately spoke of his desire to manage again, spoke volumes about what truly transpired behind the scenes…of course this isn’t to suggest whatsoever that Wenger didn’t make massive contributions to both our club and football in general, but his unwillingness to put the club above his own personal ambitions is the very reason why we are who we are presently

      1. Your opinion is different to mine, but as I am still eager to read your promised article regarding AW, I’ll hold back on any further comment… except to say that when UE left, it was clearly seen what being “kicked out” meant, gone in 24 hours, with no frills attached.

        Funny how you concentrated on that part of my post… I assume you agree with the rest?

        1. Oh, I forgot to mention that Wenger recommended Arteta to gazidis, who as usual, ignored him and went for Emery… the rest is history regarding our club.
          While, of course, Ferguson’s choice to succeed him was a shining example that we should admire then?

          1. of course I never suggested that Fergie’s involvement in the succession plan led to greater results, I was just stating that his exodus was self-induced unlike Wenger’s

            I did agree with some of your post except the part where you seemed to suggest that Klopp wouldn’t have been a better choice than Arteta, but of course it’s a moot point because Wenger simply wouldn’t depart in a timely and more responsible fashion

            furthermore, to even try to compare Wenger’s exit to that of Emery’s is a tad disingenuous, as they clearly had an entirely different history with the club

            as for Wenger recommending Arteta, I would suggest that’s more of the revisionist history that Wenger has been selling in more recent times…not to mention, to suggest that Gazidis, as per usual, didn’t listen to Wenger, is rich…talk about the pot calling the kettle black…the only time Gazidis tried to influence any sort of recruitment was when we got Lucas Perez, which is why Wenger rarely let him see the pitch…as we’ve seen at AC, Gazidis has done a much better job with his overall recruitment policies than what we witnessed during Wenger monopolistic tenure, when he scoffed at the very notion of listening to Gazidis’s input or advice

          2. Wrong again – if you know our history, gazidis took over the role of contracts, buying and selling of players in the January of Ozil’s insane contract renewal.
            It was gazidis who brought in the three musketeers to take over these tasks at a later date.
            Furthermore, it was gazidis who signed the eight players that were presented along with Emery in the 2018/2019 handbook :
            Mavropanos – Mkhitaryan – Leno – Sokratis – Torreira – Aubameyang – Guendouzi – Lichsteiner… with the announcement as follows.
            “Since the start of 2018 Arsenal have added eight new players (and a head coach), here’s the lowdown”.

            I’m sure you were one of the section of fans who celebrated this turn of events, that were greeted with announcements such as “We’ve got our Arsenal back”… and the above is why I have never given AW credit for Aubemeyang and Leno.

            You also seem to forget that the club ASKED him to stay on after he resigned, in order that they could start the process of finding his successor – hardly the actions of a club who “sacked” him wouldn’t you say?

            As AW gave the club six months to find his replacement, I find it difficult to accept your version that his exodus was not self induced and pre-planned, but I’m sure you will enlighten me in your article.

            As you are aware now, I don’t see AW as completely blameless, but I hope when your article appears, you also use the facts that are there for anyone to access.
            I am also not silly enough to believe that AW had no influence on the eight signings and Ozils contract terms, but as you seem to mistrust everything about AW, just ponder over UE’s claims that he was complelety ignored when it came to signings, as gazidis was in complete charge/control of players contracts and signings.

  5. you’re so delusional, as Wenger’s departure wasn’t officially announced until April of 2018, then Gazidis left that same September for AC…so if you’re trying to sell me on the idea that at any point when Wenger was the acting manager that Gazidis had complete control over any recruitment and/or football-related personnel decisions, you’re barking up the wrong tree…if that was the case, explain to me why an individual, like Gazidis, who was so desirous to put his stamp on the Arsenal landscape, would get up and go as soon as that eventuality had seemingly become a reality…it was obvious to him and anyone familiar with the club that Wenger had maligned and undermined him to such a level that he needed to go elsewhere if he wanted to change that negative narrative

    1. Oh dear, first of all you claim that it was David Dein who was the real force behind AW and now it’s the all powerful AW who maligned poor old gazidis so much, he had to leave just months after introducing the three musketeers and UE to the club…. poor old Ivan…. nothing to do with the increased salary contract he was offered then?
      If he was so down trodden, why did it take him months to decide he was going to leave?
      Surely this maligned and hurt person would have jumped ship as soon as possible?
      What is common knowledge to anyone familiar with the club, is that it was announced in January of 2018, that gazidis had taken over control of all business regarding transfers, contracts and signings – it was seen as the start of taking some of the workload and responsibilities away from AW.
      I did, of course, say that AW would have had an imput into these decisions… in your haste to correct me, you failed to recognise this.
      Read why Griesmann has said he would never sign for our club – nothing to do with AW who wanted him – but he was complelety ignored by the poor maligned gazidis, who failed to follow up AW’s recommendations and just left the player out on a limb.
      All In Griesmann ‘s autobiography if your interested.
      Anyway, let’s discuss when your article appears, as we obviously follow a different club when it comes to AW.

  6. Officially, he wasn’t pushed. He jumped. But it’s the sort of leap you take into thin air when a group of board members with machetes have chased you to the top of the building and there’s no way out. At some point the haze will clear, the retrospectives will end, the tributes will fade and we’ll be left with one incontrovertible fact, Arsene Wenger was asked to leave.

    The process to move on from Wenger began in early 2018 when Dick Law, the recruitment specialist and Wenger loyalist, departed, and Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat oversee Arsenal’s transfer business, but it was unclear whether they were in charge or Wenger was. Gazidis noted on numerous occasions that the club was very reliant on Arsene Wenger and the Frenchman took almost all of the club’s decisions. He knew that someday, Wenger would leave, which which would in turn cause a huge shift of power within the club. However, Ivan Gazidis was a smart man. He knew the changes that would come to the club with Kroenke as the sole owner. And if he didn’t like them, then he also knew that he didn’t have to be a part of them. He had a get-out, AC Milan. Unfortunately, as fans, we did not.

    In the two years leading up to Arsene’s departure, Ivan Gazidis underwent tremendous upheaval, anger, and stress to try and rework how Arsenal do business, but he realized just how problematic things could be moving forward considering the myriad of short-sighted decisions Wenger had made over the last half decade. As such, he clearly didn’t relish being the functional whipping boy once again for the actions of our former manager, who showed him no respect whatsoever, especially if this was going to be as difficult of a transition as he suspected

    As for David Dein, rarely is there a partnership of any consequence in football because glory is normally the preserve of the manager but the work of Wenger and Dein was essential to the success of Arsenal for ten years. Like I said before, after much reflection, Dein was behind every good thing that happened previously at Arsenal, including hiring our greatest ever manager, but Arsene could never live up to that incredibly high standard once Dein was shown the door

  7. Put it in your promised article for all to read and then we can discuss it versus the facts – when can we expect it?

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