Video: Arsenal and Burnley fans clash after the final whistle

Arsenal beat Burnley in their Premier League matchup this afternoon, but the fiercely contested battle on the pitch was marred by their fans after the full-time whistle.

The Gunners ended up as the 1-0 victors after a tough display, which saw numerous strong tackles and professional fouls, and the intensity could be felt around the stadium.

Unfortunately that wasn’t left alone after the fixture finally come to a close however, with objects being thrown by fans towards others in the away end.

Hopefully nobody was seriously hurt during the incident.


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  1. It looks very low key with barely a hand laid because of the barriers and stewards.
    But it is a timely remider that even these low key hand bags at 20 paces shouting matches have the potential to spriral out of control quickly.
    A very fortunate heads up prior to the NLD.

  2. somehow we’ve even made that boring…it looked like our fans were using the same tactical formation, based on the glaring lack of movement and conviction I witnessed in that vid

  3. Always sad to see violence, football is a sport & celebration loved & watched by all & mainly children.

    Shame on all violent fans. Unfortunatly ones losing home often forget that; their own kids watching them…

    Hope club & fans involved will play hard price.

    We won on the pitch, game is over; take it on Arsenal fans won’t change that nor help Burnley ‘s image.

    Some clubs & their fans just don’t belong in EPL.

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