Video: Arsenal began their historic unbeaten run #OnThisDay in 2003

Arsenal’s historic unbeaten run, including their famous Invincibles season, started 18 years ago today.

Robert Pires scores the below worldie from outside the box to beat Southampton goalkeeper Paul Jones in what turned out to be a 6-1 whooping, in which the Frenchman completed a hat-trick.

Little did we know back then that this was the start of something truly special, that wouldn’t be replicated any time soon.

We of course went onto remain unbeaten for 49 matches in total, and as they say, the rest is history.


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  1. Well said. It is all history now. We have lived on our glorious days for far too long. Returning to our glorious days, will need an ambitious owner, new coach, new players and new staff!! It will take time! We are a midtable team as it stands! Sometimes I blame the person who took me to my first ever football game and it happened it was arsenal! I fell in love with what I saw not knowing fast forward, my lovely arsenal will be a mediocre! I have tried to end this love affair but I can’t! First comment ever on JA… From Kenya

    1. If Wenger is not responsible if any failures, then how could he possibly be responsible for any successes then? That’s a fair, and balanced question.

      1. A very fair and balanced question TMJW.
        Anyone who cannot see that AW made lots of mistakes, must be blind…. after all, he’s only human.

        Likewise, all the successes were not down to him… wasn’t it David Dein who brought Dennis Bergkamp to the club?

        Can’t think of any other examples at the moment, but what interests me, is your views on the MA after Thursday nights performance?
        You’ve not commented on that as far as I can tell.
        Do you still see him as the new messiah, or is he making too many mistakes and should he be sacked.?

  2. Forgive me if am wrong but I think Arteta has a job because kreonke is seriously listening to offers.

  3. I just read that we are talking with Allegri. Hopefully there is some truth in this.

    1. Hopefully, We get Allegri!!
      We cannot continue in dis Madness!! Sack Arteta!!
      Man City have reached dier Ist UCL final after winning 4 EPL titles in d Last 8yrs!! Chelsea have reached Another UCL final after winning 2 EPL n 2 Europa League titles in d Last 8 yrs!!
      Even Man utd re on d verge of winning another Europa League trophy after dey won in 2017!!
      But Arsenal fc re stuck in a Mess n in Shambles!!
      Worse is d very funny Fans who use Tottenham Hotspurs or Ancelotti’s Everton to guage our success..
      Only God will help dis club Arsenal!!
      #Get Allegri#

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