Video: Arsenal boss admits shock at this Giroud wonder goal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted being ‘surprised’ by the incredible technical goal scored by Olivier Giroud today.

The French striker opened the scoring in today’s 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace, which helped them to redeem their place in the top four of the Premier League table (and our rightful place above our noisy neighbours).

Tottenham had leapfrogged us into third spot after their dominant 4-1 win away at Watford earlier on today, before we went onto gain all three points ourselves.

The goal that opened the scoring was an absolute delight to watch, and I simply cannot stop watching replays since the event.

Wenger said: “It was a great counter attack at great speed, and in fact the ball was kicked behind him and he had that reflex that surprises everybody who knows football and is what makes football great.

“It’s a surprise, of course a fantastic goal. I was a bit spoilt over the year by that exceptional quality that everybody had.

“It’s a reflex, and I think all of us can score this kind of goal, at the moment you have the strength, power and mental reflex.

“Olivier is very good in front of goal on crosses, but I’ve never seen this type of goal from him.”

Giroud has scored his second goal in as many starts this term, and looks likely to get the chance to continue that run with Theo Walcott currently sidelined.

His goal today has just backed up my defence of the striker over the past year or so when he has come under scrutiny from sections of the fans, and no Gunner can dare to deny the brilliance of today’s skilful goal.

Does Giroud now deserve to be preferred to Alexis in the central role? Will he hold onto his spot when Theo returns?

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  1. HA559 says:

    I think it is important to start Perez, give him 3 starts in a row, Bournmeouth and then Preston and Swansea. Then we will know if he is good enough.

    Sanchez, Perez and Welbeck are the forward three of choice for me. That is the hungriest front three players who will run to get the ball back so should start vs Bayern Munich. Then later on get Walcott/Iwobi or if need to hold up get Giroud.

    1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

      Perez cannot do anything with his right foot, which is a huge liability.
      I think the lineup should be Welbeck upfront, Sanchez on the right, Ozil in the middle and Iwobi/AOX/Perez on the LEFT. Perez is useless on the right.
      And Giroud should come on after 60 minutes every game.
      Perez/Iwobi/AOX should come off then.

  2. after watching this game you still want ozil to start for this team. every one was tackling we gave no room after our next game you will be convince

  3. pneyi says:

    Confidence is key for any sportsman especially football.. When you are high on it you play like you are the best.. For giroud to score a goal like that he must be high on confidence hence base in current form I will start him against bayern with Sanchez and a fit welbeck running the flanks ragged defensively and offensively, we all know ozil plays well when carzola is playing along side coquelin with the back 4 of kostafi and Bellreal and cech to win the game for us with superb saves.. And a substitute bench of Walcott, ox, elneny, xhaka, ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs.. Arsenal to win 3*2

  4. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Great Goal put I still say Arsenal need a Top Class Striker. Giroud is not good enough Perez looked a bit lost today and it will take a while for Welbeck to get up to speed. If Mr Wenger buy’s a Top Class Striker then Arsenal are in with a chance but without one not a hope in Hell.
    Arsenal will end up in the Top 4 again maybe this is Mr Wengers Target nothing new here.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      We’ve been waiting since 2012 for Wenger to buy a top class striker, so it’s not happening anytime soon. Especially not in January, when it’s genuinely difficult to sign quality players. Personally, I don’t want Wenger spending a penny. We need to keep all funds for the summer, when hopefully we will have a new manager.

      1. DANDY GUNNER says:

        So Arsenal are going for a Top 4 again . Come the Summer Mr Wenger will spin the old line there is no one available like he has done for how many seasons now. I think he has you in his pocket.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Huh?! For some reason you think I’m in his pocket! I’m not an AKB! I can’t stand Wenger, hence my comment, that Wenger is clueless in the transfer window for never replacing RVP. It is a fact though, that it is hard to get teams to sell their best players halfway through a season. I do however agree with your “no one available” comment, because that is applicable for the summer, and I cannot stand hearing it from him.

          But if you want Wenger gone as well (which is what it sounds like), why would you want him spending anymore money? Despite spending big, and bringing in WC players, Arsenal have barely improved, and have actually regressed since the 14/15 season.

          1. DANDY GUNNER says:

            Point Taken ThirdManJW my thumb up.

  5. kelleson says:

    Giroud have really score a wonderful goal today but not make him to be in our first xi, he is too slow and waste opportunity alot, a striker whose 70percent goals are majorly heading are not the best of striker for a club of Arsenal magnitude. Consider the best strikers in the world today are strikers who are pacey and can score from any were. Giroud should come from the bench. Sanxhez still remain our best striker. We can sense from the way Sanchez feel when Giroud chances during the match. We should not br carried away with the class of its goal yesterday

  6. georgie b says:

    Lucas may have limitations , but i still have a feeling he is real quality.

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