Video: Arsenal boss Arteta insists his players reacted well to the Liverpool loss

Mikel Arteta has claimed that he was happy with the reaction from his players after Arsenal’s disappointing Liverpool loss.

The Gunners were beaten 3-0 at the Emirates by their league rivals on Saturday evening, with a wholly disappointing performance on show.

The manager claims that he saw the reaction he wanted from his first-team on Thursday however despite failing to clinch a win.

Did the team put in a better showing last night than on Saturday?


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  1. Seriously how do people not see the obvious similarities between Arteta’s clueless post-game analysis and those we heard on countless occasions from Wenger…not to mention, the sideways football, lack of leadership, late-game defensive jitters, stubbornness when it comes to introducing subs in a timely fashion and the tactical naivety when it comes to in-game adjustments…what exactly did he learn from Pep then?

  2. I’m worried Arteta is happy with a draw as his comments suggests. Whatever reaction he saw that pleases him annoys me the most. How can he be contented with a draw at the Emirates against a lowly Slavia praque? Arteta should admit the Job’s bigger than him & bow out honorably come summer. I haven’t been this worried 4 my club since 1999 I chosed 2 support her. My BP keeps rising after each game, & my wife is worried 4 my health. She makes sure I eat before our match, lest I loss appetite.

  3. We only needed to improve on the latest system put in place by wenger before his departure that 3-4-2-1. It was working well. We just needed to improve on a few more players and technicalities. Drop the 4 defenders formula.

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