Video: Arsenal fall behind due to shaky defending

Arsenal have fallen behind to Aston Villa thanks to an own goal, but they will be frustrated in the fashion in which they conceded.

The Gunners allowed their rivals way too much time on the ball on the edge of the box without putting a foot in, and were duly punished.

Villa were unlucky to be denied the opening goal shortly after the initial kick-off, which all stemmed from a run down the left wing, and their failings were from the same spot for the subsequent goal.

It was some neat play by Villa, amidst our players standing off our rivals, but their low-drilled cross into the box is nudged in by Bukayo Saka.

Will Arteta be able to lift the boys up to get a result here?


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  1. Sean Williams says:

    Very unimaginitive. Play the same all the time…predictable. It’s not the Arsenal way. Lacazette just missed a big chance.

  2. Reggie says:

    Very very negative football again, willian being negative on the edge of villas box, set the attack up for their goal. A rocket up their arses needed. Not good enough and very sloppy.

  3. PJ-SA says:

    Get Pepe on ASAP and Martinelli once fit in for Laca

  4. Malaysian gunner says:

    Agreed. Build up too slow.
    Going direct will be much better.
    45 plus minutes to put matters right.

  5. GunnerDev says:

    Willian giving the ball away with a unless back pass while the whole team was in front of him.

  6. Malaysian gunner says:

    Gsealish is being too much room to run at the defence. Reduce the no of passes and shoot. Other wlse a sucker punch will come back to haunt Arteta

  7. Reddb10 says:

    The ease with which they can get into positions to create chances is ridiculous.

  8. jon fox says:

    Stinking the place out tonight. Like the worst of Wengers last years. DEEP GLOOM AT 64 MINS GONE!

    1. Mac says:

      At least in Wenger’s years the losses were at least entertaining. I could do with seeing Wenger try and zip up his jacket

      1. Neath Gunner says:

        Shocking display.
        Last 4 games not one goal from open play.

  9. Mac says:

    If the early disallowed goal didn’t put a rocket up them nothing will . I hate too be negative but this is atrocious. Arteta methods must surely come into question here no open play goals in 4 premier games . If this is how we want to play just get sam allefdyce as coach , we might save ourselves a couple of mill lol

  10. gooner4life says:

    very poor display tonight, too slow to predictable and where is Abua he seems to be a missing have the police began a nationwide search for him ?Is he going to be another Ozil get a big new contract then disappear?

  11. Bur says:

    Embarrassing, pedestrian, predictable, very very poor, backward, side to side shit football!!!!

  12. Sean Williams says:

    This was the worst Arsenal performance for years. Disgraceful. Arteta must stop this silly regimented style of football. It is boring, and will never win the league. Let the team play. I worry that Arteta is a control freak and his headless chicken football will not allow players to express themselves.

  13. David Rusa says:

    This is very sad for Arsenal. It is not just the loss but the whole game has truly exposed Arsenal as mere weaklings with no inkling of what they are supposed to do. Sincerely for today I will blame the coach. He should have known better than sending jokers to face a team which beat Liverpool and Leicester. At this rate I see us finishing in the bottom half! Arsenal’s game was reliant on two things: passing and speed but now the team is so sluggish! Arteta needs to put his act together before it’s too late. His team selection has become his greatest liability. Why did he leave Xhaka out yet he is one of those who send the ball forward?After Partey substitution Xhaka should have been the one to come on because he is strong and a progressive player. Arteta beware of the direction the club is heading to! It is very sad!

    1. Mrcool says:

      You mean Xhaka is a strong and progressive player?

      Are you kidding me? What Xhaka exactly are you talking about, the same Xhaka that plays for arsenal a progressive player?

      You must be kidding

    2. Mac says:

      Ceballos went better than most to be honest . But I think willock should have been on the bench at a minimum. Not only is he more creative than most he has a knack of disposing opponents with out giving the foul . How is William keeping pepe of the team , actually how is he keeping anyone out of the team lol

  14. Bur says:

    Look I am fed up with excuse after excuse, Arteta is trying to play like city and I am afraid it is a dated system, City canโ€™t even play it any more. More direct and attacking football is needed.

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