Video – Arsenal get off to a flying start against Palace

It was the perfect build up with an amazing 18 passes from the Gunners which ended up with Alex Lacazette on the edge of the box.

A little shimmer and he slots it into the path opf Aubz in the box, and yet another excellent finiah from our top man….

Check it out here….


    1. Yet, some want him out so we go for a let us try and see if it will work of an attacker. Smh.
      He can play top football for another 3 years. I would maintain him, increase his salary and build the team around him in the medium term and Martinelli in the long term.
      Aubameyang pays his dues duly.

  1. Scared yet? We lead & end up losing. Almost all the time. We only win when the opponent doesn’t try, there I said it

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