Video: Arsenal giving the ball away in the worst positions as usual

Arsenal have been giving the ball away in dangerous areas all-too often of late, and this is becoming a problem.

David Luiz this time gifts our rivals the perfect goalscoring opportunity, but thankfully the Olympiacos forward rushes his shot and puts it wide of the post.

Pictures courtesy of BT Sport & Bein Sports

Before I can even post this article, our side has lost their advantage, and ONCE AGAIN it is more stupidness in possession at the back which has cost us the lead.

Pictures courtesy of Polsat Sport Premium

Does the buck fall to Mikel Arteta or are his personnel seriously not aware enough to clear the ball away?



  1. That’s the difference between Leno and Martinez! Leno always puts our defenders under pressure with his passing decisions

  2. It’s become like “It wouldn’t be a proper Arsenal game without Luiz, Xhaka, Ceballos, and/or Leno making terrible error/s that cost us the game”.

    It really does need to stop. Imagine how much better this season would be with all the points that were thrown away due to the above?!! It’s incredible really.

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