Video – Arsenal have had the best transfer window claims Sky presenter

After getting rid of the likes of Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi and Sead Kolasinac in this transfer window, Sky Sports presenter, Dharmesh Sheth reckons that Arsenal has had the best transfer window.

The Gunners had been saddled with big wages from players who were not being selected, but they have terminated the contracts of some of their top earners in this transfer window.

Sheth praised them for their transfer decisions and it goes to show that it is not always about signing players.

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  1. At last we’ve managed to get rid of most of all the Deadwood to stop the first team from bursting at the seams, then hopefully come the summer Mikel can buy in again and really start to make Arsenal into his team.

  2. Mustafi – it’s official! Farewell and all the best with Kolasinac!

    Has been a great window! Next up – Balogun signing!! 🤞

  3. The jury is still out on this one. The long term impact of this massive clear-out will send shockwaves throughout the Club for years to come.
    There will surely be savings in wages but no receipts for investment in new players. I’m left wondering how much we could earn from selling our best player, Saka. 60-75M? We have paid a big price for bungling player contracts.

  4. Saying we had the best window shows just how much of a shite show we were leading up to this window…when you really look at the numbers, we might have lowered our wage bill, but we also paid most of those players a substantial sum to get them off the books(all were out of contract in the summer anyways)…as for the loans, we probably broke even with bringing in Ode, since most of our outgoing players weren’t on big wages…in the end, I’m happy that they got rid of some of the deadwood, but I would have preferred that they had dealt with their business last summer so that we could have maybe strengthened our actual roster more leading up to the season…instead we continued to do things ass-backwards and ended up with a disgruntled Dani again and the always inspiring Willian on some of the highest wages in the League(thank goodness for our 11th hour Partey purchase)…so I take it with a huge grain of salt when someone makes the claim that we’ve had an incredibly successful window

    1. One must also look at how much business was done in the EPL and the rest of Europe. There is virtually no buying or selling in this January window, because the financial situation at most clubs is under stress, due to the lack of income from matchday revenue.

    2. If Arsenal do not change and compete for top 4. On the long run it will continue to be left out.

      It’s not easy for MA cos he will face alot of obstacles like culture change and players frictions and with funds limited and at a point of Dropping to almost relegation zone.

      MA is not perfect but he got the guts determination and his plan for Arsenal to become top 4 contender again. Now he’s being rewarded for his management. Ofc fans will be worried criticising earlier on. Now most of us can see the results n have a higher vote of confidence.

      It will be a great result if we can compete for Top 6 this season but next season I am more excited about a few more changes and Top 4 target.

    3. I absolutely agree with this! The idea that Arsenal had a great window because they sold or loaned out so many first team players is frankly ludicrous. The situation highlights what a poor squad Arsenal have had for years.

  5. Great window. Fully agree. We needed to shift the deadwood to start over. People saying oh its shows how bad we are. DUH! that’s the point we go rid of the crap.

    Frankly previously I would have pit luiz, lacca and xaka on that list too. In the past few games xaka has done very very well. Lacca had a decent stint and luiz I dunno how he managed to get back in the 1st team but u think as a backup he is just fine IMO.

    One player we need to be rid of in the summer but probably won’t be due to poor contractual skills is willian. He is the absolute worst. I hope reiss nelson gets a shot over willian some time soon and takes it.

    Apart from that MA gets a 6 from me so far this season. It looks like things are turning around a bit in all fairness. However, the changes he did finally make to get here came very late and were forced upon him. So cant give him credit for those. But we are not too far off that top 4 spot. Could even win the league hahahaha. (Look at utd this time through the 1st half)

  6. I am loving Arteta’s ruthlessness.
    He might not make it at Arsenal but he has shown pure leadership skills.
    He says something and he keeps his word.
    I did not know how we were going to get rid of as much of the deadwood in one big scoop. But he has pulled it off.
    Hope Willian, Xhaka, Elneny, Ceballos, Bellerin etc watch out.

    Lets hope he gets backing in the summer to replace the departed deadwood with more of his own players.

  7. Two of our three clown CBs now gone. Just Luiz to still go. Not as funny nor even tragic a clown as the other two but still a clown. I know some want to rewrite history after he had a good game against United and he DID have a good game, even clowns do occasionally.

    But proper CB’s play well most of the time. Despite him still being here, at long last we actually have a real defence again – something for many years past I could never even imagine saying, truthfully.

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