Video – Arsenal in danger after bad defending makes it all square

We all thought that tonight’s game would be an easy formality, but as usual the Gunners have decided to make us suffer right until the end.

The corner looked very easy to deal with, but no one noticed an Olympiacos player in the centre of our penalty area while a corner came in, and totally on his own! Too easy Arsenal. Sort it out please….

I think I am now going to get very worried about the rest of this game. Especially as we haven’t even had ONE shot on goal in the first hour….

Anyway, watch this video and weep….


  1. GunneRay says:

    Arsenal.. probably the most annoying team in the world!?

  2. Leka says:

    It is not bad defending. Arsenal had plenty of chances, but they wasted with sloppy passes. They invited Olympiacos back to the game.

  3. Thomaskelly says:

    Lacazette is pants he has to go and we must keep pea at all cost

  4. Rkw says:

    Good job we don’t play til Monday .. still a cup shock a real possibility

  5. joe says:

    y cant arteta play auba in d middle.laca is not playing well and we have matinelli.all did coaches are annoying

  6. Rkw says:

    Lacazette bellerin xhaka Luiz … all have to go … nothing there … it’s just so static … arteta needs to seriously think what he’s trying to do with this squad coz he’s not going forward at the moment that’s for sure

  7. Rkw says:

    Arteta is going to Have to take a hard look at himself

  8. gryphon3000 says:

    Xhaka…..what a poor backpass but expected of him.. Arteta not for us

  9. Mitchell says:

    Everyone carries on about how great Leno is as a keeper. Some good saves from time to time. But it’s the errors in the big moments. He buckles under pressure in the big games. Tonight that late corner was all on him and was the lead up to our defeat. We desperately need a new keeper at the end of the season until Leno matures.

    1. Nasiru Baba Kwalli says:

      It was xhaka who cause the problem, I don’t know why he passed that ball back leno, and in the process of doing that put Leno on pressure. It time for xhaka to mature and stopped being stupid and reckless in an important matches. He cost us alot with his recklessness. It is for him to stop that or Arsenal to sell him .

      1. Reggie says:

        Leno had no choice but to put it out, it was xhakas hospital pass that caused it and then poor defense of the corner, Leno cleared his problem, not convincingly but he did, from then on it was poor defence.

  10. antonioro says:

    This is the price to pay for refusing to play football-arrogance,just sideways and backway passes,waiting for 90 minutes to end….disgusting.Emery was a God in that kind of games,Arteta is nothing..Miserable….

  11. Hez says:

    Why keep Laca on surely?

  12. Hez says:

    Even Wenger as old as he was that you have move the ball faster, poor movement too, expensive players no creativity. No nothing really

  13. Leka says:

    Leno’s stupid mistake cost us EUROPEAN league. Luiz could have avoided the goals on both occasions but he chose not to. Pepe came today to dance and even if he tries to play, what a terrible passes. Such a waste.

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