Video: Arsenal legend Seaman demands that club backs Arteta

David Seaman insists that Mikel Arteta is the right man for the Arsenal job, despite the team hitting rock-bottom in confidence.

The team is currently under pressure having picked up just five points from their last nine Premier League matches, and have dropped down to 15th in the division.

There had been hope that the Spaniard could return us into the top four after such an impressive opening campaign under his guise, but that now looks quite the stretch.

David Seaman is refusing to turn on Arteta however, and claims the club must back him to build the squad he needs to return to the side to where they belong.

Don’t most managers have to make do with other peoples signings within the squad? Does David have some valid points?


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  1. When “safe hands” speaks, I listen – the man’s been there and done it and got the tee-shirt !

    One of his points ;

    “A lot of the players are Wenger’s”

    Someone on here (perfectly entitled to their opinion, although factually incorrect) argued black & blue that this was not the case, despite 7 players from the Wenger ERA starting against Burnley with 4 more on the bench.

    The point being we have suffered from lack of investment (WISE investment) for many years now, and now those particular chickens are coming home to roost big time.

    Many of our respected ex-players who have played for and undoubtedly still have ears at our place, are now confirming what I and many others have suspected for some time now.

    Is the squad good enough – a resounding no.

    Are the OTHER issues to take into consideration – yes.

    No rubbish “conspiracy theory”, simply a view that is being more widely supported with each passing day.

  2. But since Wenger left we have signed 17 players thats 2/3 of the squad ,if we are still using Arsenes players that looks to me that the 17 players signed didn’t turn out to good .
    There’s been plenty of time since he left to get rid of his players that’s not His fault .
    72 million -Pepe
    45 million -partey
    27 million -Gabriel
    27 million -saliba
    24 million -Tierney
    22 million -Leno
    22million – Torreira
    Lack of investment ,I would say no
    Also 140 million spent in wengers last year ,a myth that we don’t spend money

    1. Hi Dan kit.

      “The point being we have suffered from lack of investment (WISE investment) “.

      Key word = WISE.

      Let’s take just 3 from your listing ;

      72 million -Pepe …… worth 72M ?

      27 million -Saliba …… God knows what’s going on ?

      22million – Torreira …. Currently out on loan

      There’s 121M- one not worth it, one mystery and one sent out on loan.

      Remember, Unai wanted Zaha over Pepe – at less than 72m.

      Zaha would have swam across the Thames to sign.

      So again, it’s not WHAT you spend – it’s HOW you spend it.

      I didn’t say lack of investment full stop, lack of WISE investment is the concern.

      Our recruitment policy is all over the place.

      So let’s imagine we spent a billion.

      Pointless if successive mangers can’t use half of them.

      Arteta wanted Partey AND Auoar in the last window, only one was sanctioned from above.

      The mangers fault ?

      What is not a “myth” that we remain very poor in the market.

      In fact the “myth” lies elsewhere my friend ;

      “All Arsenal transfers have been paid for from their earnings over the last five years.

      New financial reports have shown that majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has not invested a single pound into the club for incoming deals.”

      Nothing wrong with good old Stan not shelling out his own hard earned.

      Wonder if he knows where we currently sit in the table.

  3. No Arteta out! I can’t believe some people actually making excuses for Arteta when no one backed Emery and wasn’t half as bad as this crap! Sitting 15th and made Southampton look like 1970s Brazil at home… 1 win in 9 games.. Villa, Leicester, Wolves, Burnley and Southampton all at home 1 point! 1 bloody point! Arteta is a yes man for the board and doesn’t cost them the funds a top level manager would want! I think the club’s loser mentality has rubbed off on some of the fans and they just accept this rubbish for what it is.

      1. Is it that obvious Dan ? 😂😂. When you start celebrating draws with Southampton at home some serious question need asked unless your Edu 😜

        1. I understand you’re frustration mate ,I mean the football is pretty dire ATM he really does need to pull his finger out .
          But for now he as my backing till the season ends ,just think it would be pointless getting someone in now .

  4. Surely the legend knows the club and everything it represents well to know that the Coach is right for the club in the long term.

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