Video: Arsenal loanee William Saliba starts a frenzy in Europa League clash

Arsenal loanees William Saliba was on form last night in helping Marseille to help his side to keep a clean sheet against Galatasaray, but his performance clearly angered a rival striker.

In injury time, the French defender use his strength to get in front of the attacker and force the ball out for a throw-in, which clearly angered striker Mbaye Diagne, and after the pair square up a number of others get involved (and keep an eye out for Matteo Guendouzi who tries his best to get involved).

Did Saliba show his maturity by standing tall before getting out at the earliest opportunity? How impressive was that show of strength to hold off the striker?


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  1. Saliba and Martinelli are the only head scratching outcasts that I canโ€™t under Why Arteta does not rate them.

    1. Can’t you? Martinelli instead of who? Would you drop ESR? Odegaard? Saka? Auba? He hasn’t looked better than the aforementioned when he’s played this season. We all love Gabi, but we need to be a little patient.

      1. Sadly for Martinelli, he played with a second string arsenal attack. No odegaard, no Saka, no Auba as a number 9, no Lacazette, no Partey. Maybe thats another reason why he could not perform.

      2. Easily instead of Pepe, like any day.
        And I am not saying Pepe is not a good player, he is but Martenilli hadls a far better potential.

        Plus no one said he has to be ahead of Saka or ESR but Saka for example is out of form, exhausted feomEuros..etc arriving to preseason late, at least Gabi M. Could be a substitution.
        Same to be said about Auba, he is not in form, and in games ESR and Martin work their socks and one of them can leave the field, can’t he have minutes or get loaned?

  2. I have to say that Saliba showed a lot of maturity and restraint,you have to be impressed by his physicality,as for MG,he did what “most” players would do,have your teammate’s back!

  3. Saliba is a giant. The reason I want him back is that he can also help Ben White as a tall partner who provides a platform for him to play ball. Also, Saliba himself can play ball pretty well.

  4. Admi Pat:I know that my English isn’t that great,when I asked you if you were going to post an article about Saliba and Guendouzi,I meant a positive one!๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Having watched some of Marseille’s games this season, Siamois, I’ve come to this conclusion – there’s never a dull moment!!!

  5. Whoever posted this article clearly doesn’t like Guendouzi at all. Very lame attempt to disgrace him by over blowing something small. Guendouzi did what every teammate would do and that’s standing up for your own player. Funny the writer didn’t even mention how well Guendouzi played in that same match. Very soon if he sneezes, we’ll say he was trying to start a fight. Let the guy alone

    1. I too find it odd how some never miss an opportunity to slate Guendouzi, yet are the first to cry when someone takes a pop at Arteta.

      I thought we all supported Arsenal, and those under contract?

      1. They love what Arteta loves and hate what he hates like they’re robots, zombies or are under some mind control. Guendouzi has issues, it I still think we miss his fight and battling mind which a “soft Arsenal” always had. It’s no coincidence that under Emery when he played consistently, we won so many games from behind.

  6. Pardon me to say this article is trash.

    I saw so many articles on MG and some come about the talented guy.
    It shows, the writer is not watching MG and only reading news about him.

    The altercation with Gerson was supported by his coach. The issue with Van Holt is normal among players and running to support is teammates is what we have been crying out for years.

    Why is it only Arteta fan that criticise him?(Though not all Arteta’s fan).

    I don’t blame Arteta on this issues cos he trained under Pep who knows nothing about managing strong character players.

    Ferguson and Wenger will surely have MG under there tutor.
    Do you think Arteta can manage Cantona, Viera, Merson or Keane?

    Many complained about him having problem at Arsenal, this guy spent 1 year and 6 months under Emery and nobody has issues with him. So what is the fuse all about just because Arteta can’t manage a strong head character?

    MG has been playing for France since youth level till he turned Under 21 captain and then called up to France national team and his behavior doesn’t stop him from playing.

    He played 24 games for Hertha last season and some still say, he had issues?
    Do you see a loan player with bad character playing such amount of games?

    You guys need to watch him play and see why he get nut with some players,

    He was friend with Auba and Laca and no player complain about him here.

    He had issues with his teammate Gerson at Lens game and Gerson did not start the next match which means there is more to it than what the tabloids are reporting.
    At least his coach support him this time.

    So stay off his back.

    1. Totally agree, the reporting and rehashing of these stories is poor fayre. Its reducing this site to a joke.

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