Video – Arsenal new kit video leaked on Youtube then removed

A promotional video of the new Arsenal kit has “accidentally” been leaked on Youtube and was then quickly taken down but not before some quick-fingered Arsenal fans downloaded a copy.

The video features numerous stars but rather than spoil it have a look yourselves.

It was interesting that so many transfer targets featured, is that telling us something?

Would be a bit embarrassing if any of those players were to be sold, well, maybe not embarrassing but certainly unfortunate.

Loved the London accent dub overs and of course, Idris Elba looked as cool as ever but the one element of the video that I really liked was the nod to David Rocastle.

That was class, that was Arsenal.

What do you think? Was it a cool looking video? And what do you think to the kit?


  1. OT: Big summer purchases in EPL so far:

    – Brighton: Leandro Trossard. A goalscoring winger who used to be Arsenal’s target in 2018

    – Everton: Andre Gomes. A Barcelona flop that was sold for only 22 M

    – Man United: Daniel James. One of the fastest young wingers in England

    – West Ham: Pablo Fornals. A playmaker who used to be Arsenal’s target in 2017, which cost only around 10 M at that time

    – Wolverhampton: Raul Jimenez. A tall target man that scored 13 EPL goals for them last season

    – Arsenal: Nothing so far, but we successfully released seven players

    1. You might have mentioned the article in question! How rude!
      Good post Martin, will cheer us all up and makes me feel optimistic already.

  2. Brilliant, I love it. Wrighty, Adams, Rocky. Loved the team talk by Kos.
    Proper north London accents and I think that was actually Bellerin’s voice at the end!

  3. I absolutely love this! Wright, Adams, Rocky all in it – brilliant! Doesn’t get much better than that!!
    Kolasinac looks mighty fine, as usual.
    You’re right Declan – that is Bellerin’s voice – love his twang ?
    Even Idris Elba makes an appearance – superb!! Love it, love it, love it!!!

  4. Let’s hope ozil isn’t still picking up £350K a week to stroll around the Emirates in between his promotional and social activities.

    Wish he was a North Londoner. Might be worried about bumping into his next door neighbour after yet another dismal display in the shirt.

  5. So just read an article about kit sales
    Arsenal’s top ten players
    Now guess who was top ,that’s right Ozil ,now I couldnt find the actual figures for each player so if anyone can get them
    That would be good .
    Because seeing as Ozil was the 1st player in the video I would say he brings a lot of money the clubs way

    1. Yeah, lots of money but no performance!

      Wish his value was equal on the field.
      Still Stans happy!

    2. If his jersey sales can pay for his mega salary and if he stays on the bench, he can stay till the end of his contract

      I’m afraid Arsenal would never get another major trophy as long as he is a regular starter

      But if he doesn’t play and is still making a lot of money for Arsenal, the club can keep him for his fans. No other club have real interest in him anyway, even before he signed the obscene contract extension

    3. There is an article on this site about the value Ozil brings to club written by me, yup me, the so-called anti-Ozil Admin

  6. Ian Wright getting heckled in the street at the end looked like it was ad-libbed and genuine!

    Cool vid, shows Arsenal’s roots and history. Doesn’t do a lot for international fans though?

  7. Ozil’s name is the shortest so a shirt with players name on is the cheapest?.
    I reckon the international fans will love the vid as it shows what a real Londoner is like, education is cool, peace fam?

  8. Arsenal failure to complete the deals for the signings of their two targets in time in the transfer market this summer must have led to Tottenham Hotspur seizing on the slowness of Arsenal in completing deals in the transfer market this summer to start pouncing to be circling around William Saliba with intent to hijack the deal to sign the 18 year old centreback at St Etienne from Arsenal who discovered the player and unearned him. But no respect or regard show to Arsenal for this by Spurs.

    Arsenal will have themselves to blame this summer window but no one else to blame if they allow the two targets who they’ve discovered for signings this summer to be hijacked from them by any other top League club side who is fast in completing a transfer deal signing.

  9. luv it cant wait for them to hit shops though i already have a name ‘kroenke out’ on the back ☺☺☺

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