Video – Arsenal players take their anger out on Maupay after another pathetic display

Another poor showing from Arsenal ended with a fracas on the final whistle when the Arsenal players targeted match-winner Neal Maupay.

Matteo Guendouzi, who may get in a bit of trouble, looks to have grabbed Maupay around the throat, not sure why just yet, maybe in retaliation for his part in the Bernd Leno injury or maybe just bitterness from the young Frenchman but there will be repercussions.

That ending just summed up the whole afternoon with Arsenal throwing away a one-goal lead.

This video is courtesy of BT Sports Twitter account

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  1. What an abysmal Arsenal showing. Whatever they have been doing for the last 3 months during lockdown is anyone’s guess. Certainly not football focussed judging by the last two games. Mr Arteta – what are you doing bringing on 3 defenders to protect a draw??? Where was Martinelli who should have been on in the beginning by the way. Now we got beat 2-1. GET IT TOGETHER. PLAY FOR YOUR PRIDE. PLAY FOR THE CLUB THAT PAY A YOUR WAGES!!!

  2. Guendouzi should put as much effort into his game as he seems to do in many a per and post match melee…
    His bout of the virus seems to have affected Arteta’s judgement.What does he see in Willock,Nketiah and Nelson and apparently not in Martinelli….I’m certainly not Ozil’s biggest fan but when you’ve taken the lead in a tight game and your other midfield players have struggled with positive ball retention then perhaps Ozil might have offered more to the team than Willock.
    This side need a huge kick up the backside…Their attitude as much as anything is not right.They seemed to believe for much of that game that they were too good to lose and didnt necessarily need to put in the proper effort to win.Meanwhile they have taken exactly no points,this Season, from one of the League’s poorest and certainly least creative teams.
    For the umpteenth time over the last 10 years I’ve sat through yet another Arsenal performance devoid of leadership and lacking in application and attacking expertise.The squad needs a complete overhaul and players need to be brought in who might not necessarily cost the earth but more importantly wish to play for both the badge and the Coach.

  3. Okay, let’s get this straight. I love Guendouzi, I love the way he plays, I love his fighting spirit, l love his passion. But that was an very immature thing to say, and partly you can’t blame him. I mean, he’s only 21.
    What Arsenal need is a REAL LEADER, someone who will set any fracas straight like Henderson or Ronaldo or something. Why not Lacazette? He has all the captain qualities , even though he’s a forward. Or (yes, I’m saying it) David Luiz? He would have set Guendouzi straight and even prevent the right in the first place.
    Young starlets like Guendouzi and Martinelli need a captain. Doesn’t every club?
    Send to Arteta so he can make the right choices.

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