Video – Arsenal running riot against clueless Chelsea with Saka scoring a blinder

What a goal from Bukayo Saka that was.

OK, it was most likely a cross but regardless, it was a blinder of a goal and rather than try and explain it to you all, just watch the video below over and over again.

Arsenal are humiliating Chelsea right now, this is an immense scoreline and yes, the game is not yet over with and anything can happen still but right this minute, Arsenal are slapping the hell out of Chelsea and it feels so good.

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  1. Wow, I really don’t know where this came from but i will just enjoy it. Saka and Martinelli cold be the changing factor.

  2. Great to see the hungry youngsters out run, out think and out score Chelsea. Hopefully not far down the road Balogun will get his chance too. For me it makes sense to give the talented youngsters a go. Today proved the young talent will save us. Saka is so mature, Martinelli a tiger, ESR makes lots of time for himself. They may save Arteta’s ass.
    What a brilliant goal from Saka. A great football mind and what about that smile of his when we score. Happy making.

  3. I don’t know why people were thinking that it was a cross that missed way into the net. No. He said it after the match. He saw the keeper out of his line and then attempted and it went in.

  4. Martinelli and ESR added a lot of energy to the team, hope MA doesn’t revert back to Willian and Pepe next game. Oh and that was a cross by Saka, no way did he mean to do that, still enjoyed it though !!

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