Video – Arsenal source sacked and reaction to Emery press conference.

Arsenal Youtuber Lee Gunner will not be using same Arsenal source again after fake news.

Poor Lee Gunner, he puts his neck on the line making certain predictions regarding Unai Emery and his source fed him a load of baloney.

You can watch that particular video here. Obviously he is jesting about his source, well I think so but that is the risk with using sources. They are rarely right.

Lee owns up to it and moves on. He discusses the Emery press conference earlier today and gives his reaction.

It is a fairly light-hearted video and well worth a watch.


  1. We should stop cycling the same garbage and take some perspective. Utd lost ferguson 8 years ago and they are still a shadow of the former side. AW was in charge for 22 years. Emery inherited his squad and with Koscielny and Pap with Holding and Chambers in the wings, things were ok. Not perfect, but ok. We got screwed by kosc at the last minute, had to replace with no time to really look and we picked the best of the bunch on offer. It didn’t work out. We adapt. W weait for the next transfer window. We build fitness. We have defenders coming back from 12 months out. Do we spend big and lose those coming back in to the team or do we spend small and think of the future. We spend small and build fitness. Bellerin, Holding etc. Time is needed to get them back. Patience is needed. We were never gonna sack AW and start winning trophies 1 season later. Patience and familiarity is the key to success. Auba and Lacazette only came to Arsenal cos of Wenger. then we sacked him. Of course they’re on the fence about extending. Unity and support from the fans is required to steady the ship. Constantly moaning is only gonna make players wanna leave. Show players support through thick an thin and they will stay. Boo them for bad results and they are only human. They will leave and go where they’re appreciated. Support the team- including the manager.

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