Video – Arsenal transfer gossip roundup including Ceballos

Ceballos wanting a £30 Million deal is among the gossip discussed.

Today I bring you a video from Lee Gunner who goes through some of the latest transfer gossip and gives his view.

Lee does not just talk about Dani Ceballos, he also discusses speculation over Mohamed Elneny and a goalkeeper.

I found this a good video because he just does not roll out the gossip, he actually discusses it, especially the situation with our Spanish loan signing.

It is not that long and I am sure you will enjoy the video. Please leave your comments and feedback below.

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  1. Declan says:

    A decent DM (Emery playing Torriera as a 10 has ruined him) and a CB required.
    No to Ceballos for me, we need a better AM or CM.

    1. Innit says:

      Has playing on the Left RUINED Aubameyang?
      Changing positions is bad for a players performance but it doesn’t RUIN him

      Ruined Torreira? What does that even mean. When something is “ruined” it means it’s useless and throw it away.

      All Emery or next manager needs to do is play him as a DM and he will be back to what he does best

      He isn’t “Ruined”

      1. Declan says:

        No mate, playing Auba on the left hasn’t ruined him and I wasn’t even talking about him so why mention him?
        He’s ruined Torriera’s effectiveness by playing him out of position either wide or too far forward in midfield. That’s why I’m always calling for him to be played in his proper position as a DM. He’s ruined where he is now either on the bench or wrong position. Get it now? Keep up eh.

  2. reddb10 says:

    Ceballos. No thanks. Only a couple of decent performances is just not good enough.

  3. FoSulli says:

    Ramsey should have stayed yet another mistake by Emery

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