Video – Arsenal under Mikel Arteta so far and what he needs to do in January

Former Gunner Stewart Robson discusses Arteta and who to sell in January.

There is much to discuss and analyse following the first two games under Mikel Arteta but it does not stop there.

The January transfer window is set to open and it is clear that certain players need to be offloaded and specific areas of the team need strengthening. Robson covers these and more in this ESPN UK production.

I have to say that Robson comes across very well, he talks clearly and makes some very valid points, especially on who should be jettisoned.

Enjoy the video, it is insightful.

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  1. Who can we sell, and who is interested in our players? I doubt Kronke will pay up front and will require player sales first.

    IF we can move Xhaka and Mustafi that may pay for a CB. However, injuries have hurt us at FB, and we are relying on players who aren’t defenders.

    I hate to say, but if we can sell Auba for cash, around £50 million, we need to make the deal.

    How else can we address our problems and start getting results? We need a b2b now that Torreria is DM, maybe Ceballos can boost us when he comes back.

    Willock is raw and not up to scratch, so we need the cash for a midfielder and CB stat.

    Martinelli should get a run at LW, and Pepe needs to play for any hope of finding form. Raul and Edu need to step up and do their jobs this window, time they earn their keep.

  2. Watched the video – not much there.
    Emery did try to get quality central defenders but the clubs weak
    financial position meant we only got Luiz.
    The club could have sold Mustafi but no club would pay a high enough price.
    The ozil + Mkhitarian salaries and losing 50m on the Ramsey free
    were also key financial factors limiting central defensive strengthening.
    Spending 70m on Pepe seemed like a marquee buy to excite the fans.

  3. We need to sell our surplus players as players that dont work for our style of play but not necessarily are crap for others. Mustafi, Xhaka, Papa, Kolasenic have worked better for other teams so time to sell them as they are good but not suited to us, then someone will pay for them and they will be gone!
    Auba is 30 so best to cash up and recoup the money as we need the cash! Laca is also nearly 30 so ideal time to sell and recoup. We lost a potential £150m already from not selling Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez on time! Wilshere should have been moved on earlier when we knew his injuries were not going to help us. On top we could have persuaded Gnabry to extend contact and today that would be another £50m. This money would have helped us buy more players and the squad would have revolved and today would have seen us still in top 4!

  4. Talk of relegation sets the bar incredibly low.
    It means if Arteta gets 6th Arteta fan boys will say he has been a great success.
    Emery was told top 4 or the sack.
    Why set the bar at top 17 for Arteta? Totally ridiculous.
    Emery got within 2 points of 3rd with last seasons squad.
    This seasons squad is much better because dead wood has been cleared
    Koscielny Mkitarian Jenkinson Elneny Welbeck Iwobi Monreal Asano all gone.
    7 new players Bellerin + Chambers + Pepe + Luiz + Martinelli + Ceballos + Tierney
    So it is a much stronger squad than last season.
    This showed when after 8 games Arsenal was 1 point off second place.
    But then the “fans” became greedy.
    Top 3 was not enough as these fans also wanted sexy football and Ozil to .
    That was when the rot set in and it was all down hill after that.
    Emery’s captain Xhaka lost his marbles and Emery quite rightly stood Xhaka down.
    But Xhaka sulked like Sanchez and like Sanchez is forcing his way out
    A better Dm will come in so Arteta actually will have it even easier.
    So I am not going to let Arteta get away with an easy ride.
    Emery got within 2 points of 3rd with last seasons squad so Arteta with a much
    stronger squad and more to come in January needs to finish third and win the EL final .
    If not sack Artea in May.

    1. @Agu i know you are hurting but can i just say Emery was sh*t and clueless and we should have gone for a better manager at the time Wenger was let go. I agree with you about top 4 should be minimum and getting into at least the quarters in every cup we enter including Champions League. How do we do it? Force Kroenke to invest £100m in Jan and £100m in the summer and watch in season 20/21 we will be talking about how we are in the race for the league title!
      Thats why i have loads of admiration for Liverpool fans, not once have they given up or allowed for the club to lower their ambition. Today they are going to win the league title after 30 years, in fact if Man City hadn’t spend what they have this should be Liverpool’s 3rd league title in 6 years. 2014,2019 and 2020!
      Us fans need to persuade Kroenke to invest or force a new investor in. We make the money for the club, sponsorship money comes down to their sponsor companies believing fans will Buy their products. So if fans switch everything suffers and the club value will Go down the pan!

      1. Jim, unfortunately for Arsenal and long suffering supporters, for Kroenke it costs less money to pay out head coach contracts as “sacrificial lambs, than pay the £100 million in January and a similar amount in the summer to upgrade the squad.
        Arteta needs any money allocated in transfer windows to be spent on players he wants. It’s a bit unfair to characterise Emery as “shit”, when he was unable to bring in the players he wanted. Which well credentialled coach other than Emery was prepared to come to Arsenal, without the promise of a significant transfer budget?

    2. You can’t be serious agu.Do you know that on that list of your improved squad 4 are out injured, 1 is out of form,Luiz is garbage in defense and Chambers should be a backup for emergencies?
      How can we be 3rd & win the EL with Saka as our best player for fcccs sake?
      Let this people wake up,own up to their mistakes of poor recruitment of players, accept the losses we have incurred with this failed squad, terminate some contracts if need be and create room for new players. We must rebuild this team.We have no other option left.

      1. We love the Agu, he is apparently very intelligent and Emery was his dads cousin! So we accept his love for Emery as blood is thicker than water!

    3. By the way agu,we never improved on Koscielny,Welbeck,Iwobi and even Monreal who are better players in their positions than what we currently have.When fit and healthy, they did a better job for our team than what I see today.
      We’re stuck due to poor decisions by management. Kroenke should wake up.He is a big liability to the Arsenal.

  5. We are weak all over,we have rebuild this team.If wishes were horses as they say I would only retain Leno,Torreira and Martinelli and quite a number of the youngsters who are really trying.Auba is also good but I would get rid of him due to his age.
    I know this is not possible due to many reasons but we must reinforce.With or without selling any player,the board must at least get us 3players in January. If we manage to sell then we should get more quality as we are now hanging on a thread due to the poor players we have now.I am sick of thinking we may actually get relegated. This can’t be happening to the great Arsenal.

  6. Robson always tries to validate his early beliefs, he makes things fit stuff that he’s banged on about. You’d think he was a J Mourinho of management the way he tries to come across, with the highest of principles and standards, where it comes from I have no idea like what success story is he going off, and how is he so familiar with it ..when he’s on the outside just like the rest of us. He may believe that finishing in the top four with huge consistency is doable, easily achieved, but you need to be at least a certain quality of manager to manage it. I just don’t like the total lack of respect that he exudes, and how he’s different when talking about English managers and players (more respectful).

    The passing from the back in that game suffered when CC came off and Mustafi came on, Mustafi plays the ball too slowly and the receiving players do not appreciate that, he looks around and he rolls the ball into feet much too slowly, player can’t turn and is under pressure. However, it was a ridiculous blunder that turned the game, the players set up to hold onto the one goal lead too early, but you can understand why they done that, they desperately wanted it, but for that we were on coarse and deservedly so after a very good first half. Unlucky, you can’t plan for things like that to happen it is totally on the player.

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