Video – Arsenal v Brighton match preview from a Brighton fan

Brighton Youtuber gives his Arsenal v Brighton match preview.

For a change, I have decided to stick up a match preview and prediction from an opponents perspective.

It is easy to always stick up an Arsenal fans video and on almost every occasion they will predict a win for the Gunners.

I thought it would be very interesting to step out of the Arsenal cocoon for a minute and see what the opposition fans actually think when playing against us.

This particular Brighton fan Matt Jackson, seems quite popular with 21k subscribers and I must admit, he speaks clearly and the video is easy to watch.

Now, I have started this video halfway through, I doubt you are interested in his recap of the Liverpool v Brighton game at the weekend.

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  1. Sue says:

    Well, I’m disappointed! I thought it was going to be Fatboy Slim! 😁

    1. GB says:

      Praise you……

  2. Abi says:

    Lord!!! it’s come to this. We are absolutely not respected any longer. Brighton fans thinking of beating us at Emirate.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal losing at home fear factor in the PL this season is still in intact as the Gunners have not lost at the Ems to any opposition teams. But they’ve lost already at home this season to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League Cup match which is the only blemish that has appeared in all the matches that Arsenal have played at home in all competitions so far this season’s campaign.

    But Arsenal have mostly played to draw games than to have won in all their home matches in the PL this season, nevertheless, I hope and also believe Freddie Ljungberg’s coached Arsenal now will make their new head coach proud to make his effort count to see the Gunners win their first PL match under him on Thursday night at the Ems to not only beat Brighton, but beat them heavily in the match.

  4. S says:

    Yep I expect everyone playing us to be banking on a win, we’re that easy to fool, we’ll be playing Leyton Orient in five years

  5. Glorious says:

    Tonight will be the judge, analysis alone may not be enough. Let’s wait and see what will happen in few hours to come

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