Video – Arsenal v Chelsea highlights, goals and near misses

Arsenal v Chelsea highlights – All the goals and chances that went begging.

This really was a what if game. What if the ref had sent Jorginho off? What if Lacazette would have taken his chances? What if Leno did not have a moment of madness?

But alas, those things did happen and Arsenal let slip a great opportunity to get three precious points.

However, there were also some very encouraging signs, the fact that there is disappointment at the result as opposed to the performance is a definite improvement.

Here is a short video from the official Arsenal Youtube channel of the goals and misses.

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  1. McLovin says:

    Terrible goalkeeping in both goals. However,we shouldve put the game in bed in the first half.

  2. GB says:

    Giroud coming back to replace Aubamayang?
    And so the rumours start 🤔

    1. Gily says:

      If he returns for free, I believe he won’t do much worse with pinpoint crossers like Tierney and Martinelli since he is a good ball header himself.

  3. Durand says:

    No Giroud, we already have a Laca who fluffs chances. We already have Xhaka who slows down play, any slower with Giroud and we may actually travel backwards in time.

    A Giroud/Xhaka linkup will distort the space/time continuum, time itself will fold in on itself and even Doctor Who will be unable to resolve the paradox.

    Our only hope is Don Raul loaning another injury prone spanish midfielder. Only the combination of insanity of repeated mistakes and missed opportunities can thwart destruction.

  4. Viera Lyn says:

    Make no mistake, we’re presently in a relegation battle and what we do or don’t do come the January transfer window will play a prominent role in our ability to survive this very real scare…considering our upcoming schedule, our present injury predicament and the fact that there will be a lot of pressure on Arteta’s to get results in Europe, we are in a very precarious position…it’s one thing to be hot and cold, but when you draw so many games then drop points so late in games it’s a tough pill to swallow…we keep harping on our inability to keep clean sheets, but I’m equally concerned with our lack of scoring punch…minus Auba, we have relatively little secondary scoring, especially when you factor in that most of Martineli’s and Saka’s tallies were in Europa…other real concerns: Pepe losing his starting position to a very weak Nelson, Willock’s sloppy and selfish play of late, the lack of viable and healthy CB options, Laca’s ineptitude and our second half tactical adjustments or lack-thereof…did see some things I liked in the first-half of the yesterday’s game, but once Chelsea made a very decisive tactical change before half we never seemed to have any answers…I like Arteta but unless this club is willing to extend themselves financially in January, the kind of quick turnaround we require might be asking too much from such an inexperienced manager…we’re in “no man’s land” from an organizational standpoint and that’s a very dangerous place to be

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