Video: Arsenal’s Bench Cam shows just how much club means to Arteta

Arsenal earned an impressive win over Southampton at the weekend to keep pressure on their rivals in the race for Europe, and you could see how important the win was for the manager.

Lacazette opened the scoring for the Gunners to set us on course for a 3-0 victory at the weekend, and while the overall performance was impressive, seeing the manager’s touchline antics showed just how much it meant.

Arteta’s known for his raw emotion, and while he is still relatively early into his career, his drive and willingness to bring the best to the club appears to be helping him along the way.

Which other PL managers show as much emotion as Arteta?


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  1. All of them Patrick – you just need to watch them!!!

    We all want MA to succeed, but pointing out he celebrates a goal like any other manager, player or fan/supporter is really a bit nauseating.

    1. Spot on, Ken. It’s no wonder really after that embarrassment on Merseyside. I’m wondering what was going through his mind; my job is safe or we’ve scored 3 (!) goals!!

  2. no wonder you protect GAI, or should I say GNI, so vehemently, as like him, you clearly don’t watch any football that doesn’t include an Arsenal kit on the pitch…btw no one ever said he wasn’t totally invested in the Arsenal “project”, it’s just that he appears ill-equipped to handle the task at hand, which makes perfect sense in light of his glaring lack of any managerial experience prior to his appointment here

  3. A bigger physical reaction doesn’t equate to caring more lol….Obviously he is happy when we score, what manager isn’t?

  4. It doesn’t mean anything, but his histrionics after a goal goes in are different league from Wenger’s who was considerably more reserved in his celebrations.
    I’d have liked a touch more joy from him but that is purely down to having a different personality. Nothing to do with not caring.

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