Video: Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney works on injury comeback in gym training clip

Arsenal’s official Twitter account have shared a video of left-back Kieran Tierney working out in the gym as he undergoes his comeback from a shoulder injury.

The club’s official website revealed yesterday that the defender’s surgery on his right shoulder went ‘successfully’ and that we can expect Tierney back in full training in March.

The Scotsman had already been sidelined for five weeks, with the ace’s setback coming against West Ham.

The clip shows Tierney completing several exercise in the gym that were focusing on both the upper and lower parts of his body.

Take a look at the Scotland international working hard on his recovery below:

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We signed Tierney on deadline day last summer for a fee of £25m, as per BBC Sport. It’s unfortunate to see that the promising defender has already had to deal with some injury troubles since moving to north London.

The 22-year-old has made 11 appearances across all competitions for us this season.

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    1. He might return in March, but he would most likely need a recovery time around one to two months. Therefore Kurzawa will come to compete with Kolasinac

      If Xhaka leaves, Kolasinac could replace him in the left DM position. Or maybe leave the club in the summer since we have Tierney and Kurzawa

  1. He’s injury prone unfortunately, thats why you could buy a young talent like him for the price we did. And he is a talented player but i feel the injuries will keep coming

  2. TGoo early as yet to say thqt Tierney is another injury prone player but the signs look worrying. We don’t need another Bellerin, rarely fit and too frail physically. I always worry about all scrawny, skinny players. I prefer a build like Traore at Wolves, as they can withstand buffettings far better. Muscles equal strength and strength is vital in all Prem players. I ACCEPT THAT ONES BUILD IS NATURAL, OF COURSE, BUT SKINNY PLAYERS NEED TO ADD MUSCLE, USING WEIGHTS. Observe how often players such as OZIL, who is skinny, simply get brushed aside. That does not happen with more solidly built players.

    1. Jon, seem to remember Geordie Armstrong wasn’t built like the proverbial **** house door, along with brady, cesc, nasri, hleb, quendozi, parlour to name just a few.

      I just wonder what Arteta sees in such a player as Ozil, perhaps you might explain…?

    2. I’ve never seen a scrawny rugby player. Even the non sh*t house door types are strong as an ox so I totally agree that the skinny ones could do with a bit of beefing up

      1. SueP, we don’t play rugby at The Arsenal though do we?

        As six of the seven I mentioned were full international players, beefing them up didn’t really seem necessary, as is the case with Ozil.

        No, it’s really just another excuse to have a dig at this particular player Jon doesn’t like, I’m afraid.

          1. SueP, sorry if it came across wrong, but Jon will always use Ozil as his punch bag and it does become a joke.

            Let me put it another way, if the players mentioned are all full internationals, including Ozil, could beefing them up possibly effect their recognised contributions as the players they are?

          2. Ken,
            Further to your response back to me, I wrote later on about my reasons for mentioning body strength. I am not an Ozil fan or a hater either and equally I didn’t intend to come between you and John. I used him as an example in this later reply as he seems to run out of puff very quickly. My thoughts were that is he fit enough? Maybe he doesn’t have a big enough ‘engine’
            You are right that big and strong doesn’t equal talent as you so ably pointsed out with Bendtner and Brady, Fabregas et al who it was a privilege to watch had talent in abundance.

    3. More mass makes you slow…n we are playing football not rugby. Why at Arsenal ppl are just obsessed with tall, big n strong players I don’t get it. It’s football not world’s strongest Man competition. If you look at all the successful football playing teams from past n even now eg Barcelona, madrid, Spain, Dutch n french most of their players were skinny n not build like WWE wrestlers they did pretty didn’t they? Best DM in league for some time (kante) is not big lad either. Some players playing style is bound to get them more injured like jack wilsher because either they run with the ball too much n their playing style invites more tackles. Tierney is just unlucky to have had shoulder injury this can happen to any player. …actually skinny players have less chance of injury as they are more flexible, move quicker to avoid challenges n if they land on any of their on body part then because of light weight less chances of hurting them selves.

  3. I thought he Tierney is nursing shoulder injury that workout doesn’t look like someone working on his shoulder

    1. He’s obviously working out the parts of his body he can, to stay fit.
      He can hardly be lifting weights after a recent shoulder dislocation!

  4. I’m sorry that you chose a supercilious tone to respond to my post
    I never tried to suggest that Arsenal players should be beefy but the likes of Ben Youngs at Tigers is fast and strong and muscular and at 90ish Kgs and 5’10” is shorter than say Ozil but has worked in the gym to improve his body strength without becoming muscle bound And I do appreciate that rugby and football are different!
    I felt you might not have recognised that I was using rugby as an analogy as to how beefing up a bit may help a player become stronger/fitter.

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