Video: Arteta admits looking forward to clash with ‘predecessor’ Emery

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal will take on Unai Emery‘s Villarreal in the semi-final of the Europa League, and the Spaniard claims he is looking forward to meeting his predecessor.

The Gunners boss admits he is expecting a ‘tough game’ when his side take on the Spanish side, naming Emery as the competition’s most successful manager.

Will this game mean more to the fans due to the fact that Emery will be in charge of our opponents?


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  1. I look forward to Darren Farley’s Emery imitations on YouTube!


  2. These quirky situations seem to arise quite often but it makes no difference to me just as long as they don’t play like they did in Baku

  3. A big game for Arteta because losing to Emery would be the final straw for many Arsenal fans and it would be interesting to see how it would be viewed by kronk. Getting beaten by the man that got sacked before you because he was innept will be viewed by some as a yardstick. Arteta also has had longer and more money than Emery to build a team, so a win is a must.

  4. That is only marginally correct Reggie
    Emery had a season and a half and was a respected manager.
    Arteta is a newbie and is no worse. Villarreal are hardly threatening either.
    Is 16 months very different to 14 months?
    I am at least hopeful and you are wanting him gone

    1. Totally wrong Sue, i want Arteta to succeed, i had high hopes for him and have been bitterly disappointed. Emery struggled at Arsenal and was probably rightly sacked, Arteta has struggled even more and this is a match up Arteta has to win because it would be the ultimate come down for me, even worse if Emery went on to win this thing outright. If Arteta wins the EL and turns our league form round in the first three months of next season, i would be ecstatic. At this moment in time judging on what Arteta has achieved, we are way below the standard that is expected. He is getting nowhere near what he should be out of this squad and i go on what i see, not what i dream or hope. Hiding behind the excuse he is building a squad is rubbish and underperforming isnt an excuse for it. When i see what is expected, i will be supportive of the process but with all the errors made this last year, i am not betting my underpants on it. If he is knocked out of this thing by Emery big questions should be and will be asked. I hope he beats him and we win this thing because we have a squad capable of doing so. So regardless of the league this season, he should be far enough into the process to win this thing. The league has been a disaster this season and he has been in charge of a ship that is sinking in the league and it should not be. I dont want him sacked but i do if he cant perform. I don’t do sentimental Sue. I love Arsenal too much.

      1. Wow Reggie
        I’m not as sentimental as you think but I do see a young man who is learning on the job with no previous experience, which is what the owner bought into , otherwise we’d have a’name’. Currently, Ancelotti and Mourhino are just ahead of Arteta so I’d say Arteta is doing ok compared to those multiple winners.
        Getting a top manager who can hit the ground running is a tall order and none of us know that your pick, Benitez could do any better or if any other name could either within the same time frame or remit from Kroenke. You clearly think that it could be done and should be done
        I’m not daft enough to think that Arteta is a world class manager but he has the potential- in my humble opinion.
        I’ve never said I’m Mrs Happy with how it’s all going but the semi finals of the Europa league is pretty good. I think expectations have been too high He is a novice and that is not the same as a seasoned top manager. Blimey, how many novices in his shoes have done better?

        1. Emerich Jenei won the league in his 1st and 2nd season

          Didier Deschamps won coupe de ligue in one season and UCL runner up in the 2nd season

          Diego Simeone not even an assistant. From player to manager and yet performed each season

          Jock Stein won trophy in his 1st season as reserve manager and become a manager in his second, yet brought up a soon to be relegated up and won a trophy the 2nd season

          Kenny Dalglish He won a trophy in his 1st season as a player manager and the rest is history.

          Not including Managers who coaches the reserves and straight to become Manager.

          So if you need more rookies who are successful consistently, then I will gladly give more.

          We are not asking him to win trophy every season, we don’t even ask for trophy this season, we only ask for progress, and I don’t think we’re making a progress until we win the Europa league.

          If we are 6th on the log this season with any trophy, believe me, he has made a progress.

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