Video – Arteta admits Partey relapse but denies any blame

There were many articles last week suggesting that Mikel Arteta had brought Thomas Partey back from his injury too quickly after the Ghana international limped off the field before half-time, leaving the Arsenal defence at the mercy of Tottenham.

But whatever the reason, we are not going to see our new star midfielder on the pitch until next year now…

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  1. It probably completely unrelated to his recent injury? We just don’t know. But, If it was, then the medics and the boss need to hold their hands up and take the hit. It’s Partey that I feel for!

  2. I feel it could have been handled in a better way by the Club. Whether the injury is in the same area or otherwise, I still feel Partey was rushed in considering we were playing the Spuds, but the consequences are much higher. Partey must have certainly been disappointed with the injury and MA is partly to be blamed for that along with the medics.

  3. If Partey said he was fit, the medics said he fit and the fitness trainers said he was fit, then Arteta would have been mad not to pick his best Midfielder for the most important game of the season so far. The only way Arteta could’ve been blamed is if one or all of the above said he wasn’t ready. If he didn’t start him and we lost, the criticism would’ve been worse.

  4. At Jimmy James

    So you’re saying then that players coming back from injury should not be shown special care as long as they are declared fit.

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