Video: Arteta claims his side had ‘sloppy’ moments despite convincing win

Mikel Arteta has claimed that his Arsenal side was ‘sloppy’ at times during the 4-0 win over West Brom.

The Gunners continued their return to the fore with a 4-0 win over Sam Allardyce’s side yesterday, but the boss wasn’t wholly convinced with the win.

Despite a comfortable scoreline, a clean sheet, and a thoroughly dominant display, the manager had reason to be unhappy with certain phases of his side’s play.

Arsenal will now have a few days to prepare for the FA Cup clash with Newcastle on Saturday, their biggest break between matches since November, although that time was filled by internationals.

Will the break do the team good, or would we have preferred to carry on having found our form?


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  1. Longbenark says:

    The sloppiness came from the introduction of willian and Willock, also from Aubameyang,
    Willian should be sold please, he ain’t good for the team.
    Willock showed some promise in Europa, so I guess he needs play time

    Balogun should have been given playing time yesterday, he should be the person substituting saka, not lazy willian.

  2. Gworm says:

    Yesterday’s playing conditions don’t really give us a good indication of who’s playing well and who isn’t. I was cringing waiting for someone to slip and pick up a serious injury. Subbing on Willian was fine for me and he wasn’t too bad as a back up. AMN was a bit sloppy but rescued situations with his athleticism.

  3. Grandad says:

    I hope Arteta reverts to the “old guard” against Newcastle for two reasons.Firstly to rest the likes of Tierney, Saka and ESR and secondly to impress upon Luis , Pepe, and Willian that they will have to perform really well to make the “first eleven”. It’s taken Arteta some time this season to see the light , by moving away from the defensive back three system and by introducing young , high energy players.Hopefully he will stick with them , and with the quality of Partey to come, 2021 could still prove to be a positive one for Arsenal.

  4. Jax says:

    The first ‘sloppy period’ was almost at the start of the game when a WBA forward got through one on one with Leno, but the shot was well saved. Another two (I think) much later following our substitutions, one of them when Willian gave the ball away.

  5. Mogunna says:

    he is correct, but not precise, what was sloppy?

    They were more dangerous in middle, he sent Niles and Elneny running after 30 minutes.

    We won games from wings and a very good back 4, midfield players running socks off.

    To have a defensive minded midfield allows xhaka to control game in middle and Rowe to play his number 10 role all game long, not spend so much defending but in running the attack & show.

    This are details Arteta needs to get on lock and finding out game after game,

    But when he brings back Willian Luiz or Ceballos, it seems unreal. Hope it wont happen again. Rowe, Niles Willock or Holding and even Laca been all benched to play these 3 pmayers because he recruited them.

    obviously, a mistake, window is closed, they have to sit or stay home. Time to play our players and youth all the way.

  6. mose says:

    just sell pepe, nketia, willock and buy their replacements Nelson. they offer nothing currently.

  7. lcw says:

    So there is room for improvement then? That’s encouraging.

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