Video: Arteta claims late Tierney absence hampered Palace result

Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney was in line to start against Crystal Palace yesterday, before pulling up with a tight calf, and had to be withdrawn on the day of the game.

Mikel Arteta now claims that the Scots late absence hampered his side’s preparation as his side went onto draw the match 0-0.

Tierney is set for an MRI scan this morning, where we will be hoping for positive news on his injury.

Should Arsenal not have enough options in the squad to deal with one change?


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  1. McLovin says:

    If one players absence ‘hampers’ preparation against C Palace (who lost 7-0 the other day) at home, then we are in serious trouble.

    We’ve played Newcastle and Palce at home, both ended in draw. Very underwhelming. Lets not forget we’ve scored 20 goals in 18 PL matches. That’s terrible return.

    After few wins everyone’s piling the creative pressure on our 19-year old Saka and 20-year old ESR who’s hasn’t even played 5 matches in the Premier League.

    We better get those reinforcements quickly.

    This is just my opinion but I think we are out of the top 4 race. There’s no way 6-7 teams dropping 9 points while us not dropping any. Mind as well focus fully on Europa League.

  2. Grandad says:

    On the assumption that Arteta will recognise that Saka is a natural forward and play him accordingly, there is an urgent need for a left footed back up for Tierney who has become a very important player for Arsenal.Having loaned out Kolasinac, our Management team could be accused of bad decision making, and with some justification.AMN had a very poor match last night which does not surprise those of us who recognise his limitations on the left side of the park and the fact that he has hardly played.I suspect he will not be with us next season.As to a solid back up for Tierney, Solly March of Brighton is someone who can play in any position on the left flank.A very decent player with an excellent left foot.

  3. instrooments says:

    He is just a joker of a manager, so if Tierney gets injured for weeks then we doomed right??

    He needs to promote a lot of the young guns to see if we cud discover more worthy team players as cover..cuz we really need quick players for this EPL season…

    We drew that game due to fatigue and sloppy passes but we cud have still won the hard way if he hadn’t swapped saka for pepe which ultimately killed any meaningful thrust in our attack…no Tierney meant the left was dead, then taking saka out killed the right, palace crowded the middle limiting laca’s influence.

    I felt we cud have nicked a late goal just like the Newcastle game…but ESR cudnt do it all alone since saka was moved to defence for a useless pepe and laca withdrawn.

    Auba ain’t scoring but plays 90mins then laca our best bet for a goal or assist is withdrawn for wtf

    AMN was substituted just when he started growing into the game and we were bombarding the palace defence back to back which cud have cracked b4 the 90.

    Arteta needs to stuck with the winning formula through thick and thin, no more change of tactics cuz he’s still a rookie coach for now, so stuck with what works or seems to work..

    And that is

    Auba laca saka(his best position, he cuts in ,links with esr and shoots more)
    Xhaka el neny (over ceballos) or partey(since he’s available now)
    Usual back four …

  4. GunneRay says:

    Is MA basically admitting that AMN cannot offer anything in the absence of KT? We all know AMN is average and based on last night it was very obvious. What was also obvious was that KT’s performances have been the difference in the past few weeks. Without him we just look as flat and lost as ever. We are still papering over the very fragile cracks. The squad is too large and over bloated with fringe players who are obviously not able to perform any better than they have been for years. Will this be rectified this January? I doubt it!

  5. Loose Cannon says:

    Arsene gave us Kieran Gibbs. Unai gave us Kieran Tierney, see the difference in the vision of the managers? Those defending Kolasinac, the fella is so poor that it makes sense to play with 10 men leaving that flank open rather than playing him. Good move to send him away. AMN had a poor game yesterday, no doubt, that is because he seldom plays in one spot as he is just a squad player and normally does well.
    Shame, one fella chases butterflies at home and the burden falls on youngsters like Saka and ESR.
    Still we need to let go of Soacrates, Soares, Luiz, Xhaka (forget those one off average games), Elneny, Cabellos, Willian and Ozil.

    1. patH says:

      I am sure you will be happy to lend AFC the money to top up that which will be required to replace these players with better ones. With the huge financial pressure on the club at this time it is highly unlikely that any of the players you mention will be leaving except perhaps Ozil. It is generally accepted that the January window is hard for clubs to do business. Arsenal are no exception, so be prepared to put up with what we have till the end of the season.

  6. MrLucky says:

    We need some width on the left flank. AMN and Auba on the same side isn’t working and they are overloading the middle. I fully stand behind the decision to let Kolasinac go, but I think we should play either Saka or Pepe on the left when we play with AMN, or play Saka as leftback if we play Auba.

    Does anyone know how Joel Lopez is developing? Is he gonna be ready to be a back up to Tierney soon or ever?

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