Video: Arteta confirms talks with Josh Kroenke about taking Arsenal ‘to a different level’

Mikel Arteta admits talks with Josh Kroenke at the Emirates yesterday, where they reiterated their intentions to take Arsenal ‘to the next level’.

The Gunners have finished in eighth place in consecutive seasons, not without difficulties, and with Daniel Ek having recently made his intentions clear on buying the club, plenty of attention has turned onto the current owners.

The Kroenke family have so far refused any offer, and the manager certainly appears to be backing the current hierarchy.

What will it take to get the supporters back on side?


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  1. Well, the last 2 seasons we’ve been at the same level (8th place), so let’s see if he can succeed.

    I hope he can because I can’t bear another season like this

      1. Precisely Sue & Ozziegunner.

        Wise words as always.

        Given all the months of noise and hyperbole on here, my stance is this.

        We are all passionate about our beloved Arsenal F.C.

        However it soon became VERY apparent to me that the current ownership had set their stall out in backing Mikel Arteta, almost come what may this season (bar relegation one would think).

        Given the above,my thoughts soon turned to, and are now firmly fixed upon, the summer transfer window (both dealings in and out) and the start to the 2021/22 season (one being dependant on the other).

        ALL excuses will be off the table.

        The more balanced amongst us have seen this painful period through, for the very reason of eradicating any possible future excuses to continue to hide behind.

        Failure to deliver CLEAR and OBVIOUS improvement regarding first team performances ON ALL FRONTS can surely lead to only one outcome.

        But said outcome will mean by Christmas we will once again be 15 points or so adrift – DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN ….. ACT NOW.


      2. I third that
        A lot of talk just because we have had a strong finish but at the end of the day we finished 8th.
        I said the other day less talk more action !

        1. WIthout Var 4th all year, since Christmas top 4 (24 games and counting now), 3rd best defence all year and ignoring all that 6 points behind Chelsea and 4th as it finished. You keep using 8th because it sounds worse than 6 points. Fact is there was a hairs width between 3rd and 10th in a pandemic year which was to be expected. You keep pretending we were miles away, reality disagrees. Was the season disappointing? Yes. The hyperbolic nonsense of pretending Leicester for instance are far greater than us and can never be caught because they won a cup we literally won last year and they finished 5 points above us is the definition of absurdity.

          1. Further to that should everyone give up and hand City the title next year because they finished 12 points clear of united? Because according to all the naysayers here 6 points is impossible to turn around.

  2. well, thats fine of arteta but for the current situation we are in right now, we dont want to hear that. what we want to hear is that KSE is out and new person who loves arsenal and has passion on our club should come on. i kindly beg arsenal fans and supporters to wake up demand the sale of our club. let KSE sell our club to some with potential of managing it. this is not factory, this is football team. to make it worse even government dose not want to help us. what should we do mr KSE???? What have we done?????? please kindly sell our club to some one else. we even dont want to hear your name any more. Bad luck////.

  3. With Arteta’s back passes and side passes,Arsenal still can’t be competitive.
    What did he learn from Pep?
    Man City plays to win but Arsenal with Arteta plays to pass the ball.
    Arsenal and Arteta needs to be serious and take every chance of any game.
    Look at Chelsea currently……Tuchel is the kind of a coach.Take your chances or lose.
    PSG and Madrid lost their UEFA slots due to that.
    All I can say is…..Arteta tactics should change.Players should be serious and know Arsenal is not a pub or a hotel to entertain fans.They SHOULD WIN TO ENTERTAIN!!!

    1. Always find comments like this funny because I can guarantee you rate Pep and Biesla as managers. Guess where Arteta got a lot od his ideas from? Leeds are a well oiled machine after 3 years under Biesla (who due to their squad finished behind us) and City have had 5 years under Pep without mentioning their significantly better squad (Rowe and Saka would barely play if at all.) Arteta after 1 year has the positioning sorted hence the defensive record but the attack isn’t clicking yet largely because we haven’t retained the ball particularly well this season (why in part he wants Odegaard back so much.)

      Your also praising Tuchel for a run of a form that is significantly less than our own last 24 game run under Arteta that would have us in the top 4. Seriously?

  4. Arsenal just have to be at a “different level” next season. Can’t bear to watch them at ‘this level’ again.
    And it’s not just about buying players; it’s even more about changing the playing ethics on the pitch.
    But I think the performances and results of the later phase of the PL season gives hope for the next.

  5. Knowing that the Kroeke’s are born Liars/Con-Merchants I don’t expect much. Even with lot’s of cash would Arteta have the faintest how to spend it. Seeing that Arteta has had a shite season, does anyone suddenly trust he will buy the right players. Arteta is ‘honey on a razors edge’, plenty talking but maybe predisposed to confusion and damaging the team. Well we will see, I hope he gets help in choosing players. I’m not sure Arteta and Edu are as aware as they should be, but there is no alternative but to somehow trust they will get it right. Scary transfer window.

    1. To be fair before the pandemic Josh seemed to be paying a lot more attention to the club. He might well have got the football bug so to speak, certainly is a regular around the club these days. Was actually thinking about including that as part of a series of articles i was going to do on reasons to be positive going forward last year but then the pandemic struck and my articles on our summer business for instance were irrelevant at that point (why its annoys me no one pays any mind to how badly we were affected last summer.)

      I do wish you and others would stop denigrating Artetas actual coaching ability when he already proved it at City. He worked with Sterling on his finishing, Sane literally loves him, Zinchenko/Delph both got their careers extended at City thanks to his work with them on becoming LB’s. His coaching prowess is not in doubt, it’s documented. Management overall? Maybe too early to tell although I think he is currently getting used as a vent for fans for things that happened before he came. A random aside tactically there was a game City beat us and when they scored Pep focused his celebration on Arteta turned out Arteta had insisted we were vunrable to certain cut backs that is how they scored 2 of their goals I believe that day and why Pep was focusing on Arteta with his celebration. Man is not clueless like some pretend, never has been.

  6. So Josh kronk has spoken to Arteta about taking the team to the next level! Well kronk doesn’t know anything about football and Arteta has never taken a club anywhere. I bet that was a productive conversation! I bet the rest of the prem are quaking in their football boots.

  7. “What would it take?” Kroenkes(both of them) death would be a start!

    Should I be well mannered and not say that or should I, as ever, be honest! I know the answer to that and now anyone reading this post does too!

  8. To start fresh, and openly, Arteta should resign, and tell Josh to find a manager who is willing to spend so little when the demands are so great. Josh could very well ask, several questions.

    Why did Willian, Cedric, etc., get signed? Both these players could have been replaced with Ozil and AMN, and then with Smith Rowe and AMN. Why was Martinez sold?

    The savings from not getting Willian and Cedric could have kept the FA Cup winning goal keeper Martinez.

    These bad decisions destroyed the first half of the season. Love him or hate him, with Ozil the team was happy, and happiness translates into better results more often than not. With Martinez and Ozil this team would have won five more games.

    Next season we have City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool taking up the top four. More or less in the way the season ended, one would expect, because all these teams struggled early, and then made adjustments. Add the Spurs and one or two spoilers, and Arsenal are looking at 6th to 8th again.

    So… it is best for Arteta to do the honorable thing and offer to resign or get the money needed for upgrades. Need a better goal keeper, another defender, mid-field player and #10. (The younger players cannot take Arsenal into the top four, and there is a need for players in their prime to match the top four of City, United, Chelsea and Lverpool.)

    Willan has to go. Cedric and Mari have to go. Ceballos and Luiz not return.

    Holding and Chambers need to be assessed as they are home grown players. AMN needs to assessed–can he do better in the middle or replace Bellerin.

    Bellerin has to be sold. Xhaka and Elneny as squad players.

  9. If Josh Kroenke says he wants to take us to the next level then he would have daddy invest some proper money into the football club he owns… If not then sell up, step aside with double your investment and let Daniel/Legends get Arsenal back to… well Arsenal again!

    Window may not be open but deals can be agreed so get the deals/negotiations underway and announce them to start to get the fans onside and possibly positive for the next season.

    Bissouma is a must, Xhaka stays to fight with Partey along with Willock. Sell the others.

    Attacking Midfielder & Forward plus
    2 wing backs. We need big signings to boost everyone at the club and all down to the owners to do that!

  10. It’s a simple open-and-shut case, as there’s nothing that this manager or the Kroenkes, Senior or Junior, can say that will convince me of anything regarding their “good” intentions moving forward until their actions actually match their all-too-convenient and all-too-familiar words…based on their history at this club, I would strongly suggest this was simply another case of lip service that was meant as a means to potentially quell the obvious and justifiable concerns of the fanbase and not a sincere statement of intent…as such, I’ll believe it ONLY when I see it

  11. Agree with Ghuna about tactics.Arteta,s
    obssesion with ball retension is going yo cost the gunners dearly.
    The attack is too slow.Bh thr time they get to the box there will be ten players tl pass.
    An interception or misplaced pass will be signal for sucker punch.

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