Video: Arteta defends Leno mistake as a ‘part of football’…

Mikel Arteta has written off goalkeeper Bernd Leno’s mistake which resulted in his Arsenal side losing to Everton last night.

The Gunners had the chance to climb into eighth in the Premier League table last night, but put in a below-par performance, and the goal that we conceded was painful to watch.

The manager is refusing to throw his goalkeeper under the bus however, claiming that ‘errors are a part of football’.

Is this attitude partly why our team is struggling? Mistakes are just being accepted and players aren’t being made accountable?


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  1. Accountability is essential in all walks of life and professional football is no different from any other business where failure is unnacceptable.Leno has made too many errors to be absolved from blame and should pay the price by being dropped for the match in Spain.This probably won’t happen , but it ought to .

  2. That is the total mistake of having let martinez go. For what ??? 18 million apparently. But they went for runarsson who cost 1.5 million. Basically they sold him for 17 million. Arteta also sent a bad message to the team. Very sad. Should have stock with these two at least until Christmas. Especially when you are also about in the same time to splash the cash on aina and willian (0.5 million per week), about to keep mustafi and many other mistakes. They had the hand and still did so badly. If they wanted money they had to sell torreira, not loan it. He was worth some money. You knew that it would put pressure on leno. He was out of a good season. Could have sell him too for good value. Now torreira is way less. Same for leno. And it will cost us way more to find a good GK.

  3. Why we got rid of a GK who had been here for 10 yrs and an Arsenal thru and thru is strange

    He’s poor in distribution
    Has no control over his area
    Like punching the ball back to opposing players

    1. Arteta managing. He knows better apparently… don’t forget it will explode soon as he said. Just wait

  4. Leno should be benched, Willian should never have been brought on, and Nketiah should never have started.

    Then again he can’t punish these repeated mistakes and failures when Arteta is guilty himself of repeated mistakes and failures.

    Tactics, selections, substitutions, even players he sent on loan and leaving us without cover.

    Yet we hear “trust the process” what is the process, can anyone articulate this?

    Stan and Josh have not, Vinai has not, neither have Edu or the board. Even Arteta has not explained “the process”

    Only process I see is regress, flood of excuses, and tolerating what was deemed unacceptable from Wenger and Emery.

    Arteta has shown the least of the 3, yet gets time and excuses aplenty. Chelsea and now Spuds replacing managers with better results than Arteta, and still above us on points.

    Arteta has to go at the end of the season, has shown nothing worthy of keeping or building on.

  5. Is selling your best goalkeeper Martinez just part of ‘football’. The worst manager, Arteta, sells our best goalkeeper, gets rid of most of his predecessor’s signings, Saliba and others, and treats young Martinelli abysmally. How Arteta is still at this club is farcical? We are sinking morally, ethically, in game quality and our league position. We are allowing a second rate rookie manger to lead us to the edge of the precipice. I have never seen a club like ours club go downhill so quickly. Negligence from top to bottom.

  6. Even Leno understands that his actions were indefensible, so for Arteta to attempt to “sell” anything otherwise is both disingenuous and frankly insulting…like I’ve said on numerous occasions, he should stop with the nonsensical and seemingly incessant blathering and focus on how to actually get the best out of this team before we become an even bigger laughing stock

    on a side note, I wouldn’t be totally surprised though if Kroenke used his firing as some sort of “wag the dog” attempt to appease the fanbase, following the whole Super League debacle, if he felt that some sort of anti-Arteta consensus had emerged

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