Video – Arteta discusses whether the officials are unfair to Arsenal

With Arsenal lacking in confidence and desperately in need of a win in the Premier League, we yet again find ourselves struggling to get a result with only ten men on the pitch.

Arsenal have had 7 red cards now this season, but at least last night it was only a second yellow for Gabriel that saw him dismissed. But Arteta is not sure that refs are more likely to give us yellows as well….

This is what the boss said after the draw with Southampton….

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  1. Red card all day long ,could have been booked before for that elbow to the head aswell .
    What I do find strange is the penalty appeal where Ceballos was (hardly any contact I know )hit twice before going down ,if that had been Bruno for Utd they would have got 2 penalty’s

    1. Doesn’t this fall on the shoulders of VAR?

      VAR are there to notify the ref of something that was missed or difficult to spot. VAR is so inconsistent it’s unreal!

      1. VAR doesn’t work when Arsenal is being wronged.
        Like the thing with Pepe…both players should have seen a card for that…but nooooo.. it’s just the Arsenal player….I don’t wanna make excuses…but these refs are dicking around when it comes to these things…I’m seeing sides getting a penalty for weak sauce tackles in the box…but an Arsenal player can get wreckt… and no ref batting an eye for that

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