Video – Arteta gives his reaction to the performance of Aston Villa

The fact that Arsenal was absolutely awful last night does not detract from the performance of Aston Villa, who deservedly ran out 3-0 winners.

The Villians were brilliant, they bossed the entire game, Jack Grealish, Ollie Watkins and Ross Barkley were immense and the Villa manager Dean Smith schooled Mikel Arteta.

However, in all fairness to Arteta, he has acknowledged how good Villa was on the night calling them top draw and he is not wrong.

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  1. he has nothing to say nor any clue, nor that he should be experimenting & learning coaching elsewhere.

    We have a squad to fight for title, not cup bit EPL.

    But no manager. Emery may not have been enpugh as time he was given but had experience as a coach…

    he finished 5th and EL final, a step from both CL target same year.

    He asked for Partey Koulibaly or Maguire and Zaha…

    Got ceballos, Luiz losing Kos, and Pepe! Fired before break!

    We 11th 2points away from 15th spot. We finished 8th. Got to Europa from Cup.!

    what exactly this board is doing?

    Cant blame Kroenke, he got Partey Willian Saliba, Pepe who is a top player who seems to need time to adapt as Traore 3 years ago. Work out…

    No defense issue anymore but if no way to attack, we just defend and eventually happy to not take a couple more…

    Unfortunatly,, it took Luiz injury for Arteta to realize we have better pair in holding willian, and indeed chambers Mustafi Mari, before to play Luiz!

    Therefore it may take willian to get injured for him to get that he cant play him as a CF, push Aiba as LW to do so, and Saka as midfield resulting to this ridiculous choice and option.

    Pepe Auba Saka
    Auba Laca Pepe
    Auba Laca Pepe

    how can he go pepe Willian Auba or Willian Laca Auba but never try all these great options we have, playing players where they are best at.

    Auba isore dangerous from RW as he combine well with laca there, switch positions.

    Obviously Pepe was brought for his RW talent, just as Auba prefrered is CF, Saka cant be competed on LW, best in EPL.

    Same in middle, we have so many options…

    We lose 1-0, partey injured, must replace him by a DM minded player we have in Niles, Willock BtoB as well allowing to lounge & attack.

    He brough Caballos to help feed and transit to attack but replacing a DM, our rock Partey, obliges ceballos to defend which he is not naturally at all; we co’ceided more & spent all game running nowhere as Arteta sets it up!

    We need a top coach, young, one at Liepsig, exoerimented in Champions league, fearless, great to watch as few other teams in bundesliga.

  2. southampton got a hreat coach since that 9-0 lost he joined after, ypu see progression! Happy for Theo. Way they play, & progress they can be playing Europe next season.

    forgot; one day he played

    Pepe Nketiah Auba

    Pepe is better than Auba on LW who is our best CF,. It is no making any sense! We have so many options.

    Managers only need to see Arteta team to go “oh gee, no he did not!”..laugh loud!

    pepe Auba Saka
    Auba Laca Saka
    Auba Laca Pepe

    Nope, Mikel just wont get one right one, but the only unreal option!

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