Video: Arteta insists his team ‘urgently’ needs one thing

Mikel Arteta has claimed that his team β€˜urgently’ needs to start scoring goals, after Arsenal once again failed to score in the league against Tottenham.

Our side has just one goal from open play, plus one penalty against Manchester United, from their last seven Premier League matches.

We’ve no played more games (11) than scored goals (10) in the division, and have fallen to 15th in the table,

Arteta is sure that this is holding us back now, but insists that goals will change his sides fortune.

Why are we struggling so badly to score, even after the last two matches where we got the ball in the opposing box on numerous occasions?


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  1. Armoury says:

    The only thing that the team needs urgently is to replace Arteta. It’ll be sad ro see Arsenal fighting relegation

  2. Jah son says:

    The word Arteta is now like a turn off. Bring in Mauricio he’s got something to prove. Talk about “dross” and deadwood.

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Watching us at home and away is sad, but comical. All a team has to do is sit back and let us attack, and just wait for their opportunity. If we see the possession is about 60%-40% in Arsenals favour you can be sure we have lost. It is not the players….it is what they are asked to do on the pitch. Arteta is soooo inexperienced he hasn’t got an iota of an idea how to change. Arteta’s attempt to import Pep’s methods to here will not work……..different players, and Pep’s method is Pep’s not Arteta’s. Sorry but we need experience or we are going to suffer.

  4. AndersS says:

    It is of course true, we need to score more.
    But before we can score, we need to create proper chances, and that is where we are struggling.

  5. Armoury says:

    Its a wrong place and at the wrong time for Arsenal to be doing experiments. Arteta doesn’t have it, to coach a club of Arsenal’s calibre. The guy is confused and he’s even confusing players. The honeymoon is long over for Arteta

  6. durand says:

    That’s the game plan, drive down the wing and cross 172 times a game; I’m just as surprised as Arteta why this is not a winning formula.
    It’s all Laca and Auba’s fault, they should be able to get on the ball if we cross it 172 times.

    Arteta’s Plan B is “try harder.”

    1. TeX Makgalne says:

      We are too defensive .And holding the ball too long.strikers dont get enough through passes from defenders..

  7. sam says:

    Issue is not auba,laca,or sm thing we need a Am.a player lk carzola,ozil,Bruno,Silva,smone to pass da ball into tight situations hope someone saw we lacked creativity

  8. Michael Shilongo says:

    We need a creative midfielder, without that we will keep on sacking coaches for nothing.

  9. Michael Shilongo says:

    We need a creative midfielder, without that we will keep on sacking coaches for nothing.
    Let’s bring Ozil or buy one of his calibre. Arteta is not playing this days. Stop blaming an inocent side instead of another side.

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