Video: Arteta insists that he cannot see contact after multiple replays of Luiz red card

Mikel Arteta insists he has watched the replay of David Luizโ€™s penalty incident โ€™10 timesโ€™ and cannot see any contact, with the game changing after this action.

The Gunners were 1-0 up at the time, and preparing to go into the break with the lead, only to see his side pick up a red card and suffer a penalty which levelled the scores.

I personally believe there is contact, but I know a number of you have not seen the connection, but it will certainly be interesting if this is taken further by Arteta and the club.


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  1. Whatโ€™s done is done ,but it does not excuse a disgraceful decision ,personally I have not seen any contact and have watched it probably 50 times now .
    How Jon moss came to that conclusion in 20 secs is beyond ridiculous.
    Good to see Man Utd get their weekly penalty in the later game last night also .

  2. Definite contact, definite accidental, stupid red card

    Let’s move on please, there’s been more than enough articles on this now

    1. This is another example of the FA
      handicapping Arsenal becoming a threat to the established order.
      Remember the time when Veira and others were repeatedly banned so that rf can win the epl time and again.
      Now they will have to co’ntend with MC. which is good

  3. Enough of his excuses, he should not be playing Luiz NIR have even extend his hair for a year as William non sense; two chelki useless rejects.

    Blues knew this played out CB they got rid off would help them finish way above and drag us where we at

    Not like we don’t have any CB available.

    This is beyond ridiculous; retarded as we look. Players are going to be fed up totally soon..

    Come on now; he has to show us all wrong, that his choice of extending this clown is legit and credible.

    Unreal stuff, instead to shut da hell up, and finally admit. Not be a total failure.

    I don’t blame Luiz for securing his future, more so with covid mess.

    But Arteta for keeping him and mostly playing when we have way more reliable in likes of Gabriel and Chambers.

    How come he let Kolas go when no real RB beside Tierny.

    Ceoares is a RB helping out, he gets injured; I guess he will play Niles or Saka!

    I kept screaming here, let’s move fast on Tuchel; Chelsea did and won 3-0.

    If they draw at spurs or beat them, this confirms what all world saw as me!

    Reminds of Klopp who should have been signed when free!

    Board is as arteta with Luiz, must show Kroenke and all of us they are right in Arteta choice. Lampard qualified Chelsea in CL and got fired at 5th spot at mid season.

    Ambition and a smart board; no one expected this.. They spent a lot, brought German top talents, have Rudiger already. young lads.,

    Tuchel perfect for them but even more for us. He actually was eyeing on Arsenal spot. But we did not move while bellow 10th spot we are for most season and will most likely end.

    No Europa league even! But Wenger out! signs for missing CL spot with no money to do so. Emery had more and Arteta got all players needed.

    This is most complete team in a decade strong, in worst ever position!

    Facts guys, I’m a real arsenal fan as the ones alarmed… How can we possibly validate and support such a mess this coach and board has us in.

    We are virtually 10th, 2 teams a point behind us haveb,2 games in hand.

    Enough said; it is all there, you can disagree, this is reality I’m sorry of!

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