Video: Arteta insists younger players ‘putting pressure on’ the senior stars

Mikel Arteta has claimed that his younger players are putting the pressure on the more senior stars with their performances in the Europa League.

The Spaniard was speaking to the press in his pre-match conference ahead of the final EL group game with Dundalk tomorrow, and confirmed that he will continue with his younger players in the competition.

When quizzed whether those players are putting pressure on the core group, he insisted that they were, and Joe Willock’s recent Premier League starts highlight that sentiment.

Which other players deserve to be considered for the first-team?


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  1. It doesn’t have to be “young players” does it?

    It should be ANY player who is performing better than, shall we say, Willian and Xhaka?

    For instance, AMN and Elneny, who have proved their worth, but have been sidelined for the two examples above.

  2. Then why doesn’t the bloody idiot play them. Can’t be any worse than now.


    None of these frauds should be playing when you have AMN, willock,ESR and Nelson twiddling their thumbs.

    Apparently arteta has the next 3 matches to save his job. Frankly if this is true I won’t loose any sleep if arsenal loose their next 3 games. A pity that the games are not tougher.

  3. The whole situation is so ass-backwards because if this team is truly in a transitional phase the younger players should be seeing significant time…as per usual we continue to get caught between two minds…the club can’t take massive leaps forward due to some horrible contract decisions we’ve made over the last 4 seasons and the fact that we have an absentee owner who won’t personally invest in the organization…on the other hand, we can’t fully commit to a proper rebuild because the powers that be are incredibly fearful of how an increasingly agitated fanbase will react to such an undertaking…how ironic that they don’t trust us to understand the complexities inherent with such a proposition, considering that it was their deceptive actions that led to the emergence of this mistrust…the myriad of lies, since the move to the Emirates, seriously eroded the once symbiotic relationship that existed between the club and it’s fans…as a result, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of being too scared to do the right thing(i.e. making the difficult choices when it comes to transfers, personnel decisions etc…), so instead we choose a myriad of half-measures then have the nerve to act surprised when the inevitable happens…this club needs to seriously grow a pair

  4. Does Arteta have something against Maitland-Niles & Smith-Rowe , why has he always failed to mention this rising stars,

    This boys deserve a chance.

  5. Ok, they can put pressure but will he use them in the PL??

    Because I saw Elneny playing well in the last EL game, yet Xhaka was there against Tottenham?
    AMN, Nelson and Willock??

    Sorry MA but I think you don’t know how to use these players in the PL except Saka!

  6. Players selection should be on merit and nothing else. If the so called senior players are not performing, replace them with the junior players that are good and determined. We have them. There’s nothing to lose if he uses them. Remember, when Wenger played Mavrapanos for his debut and he performed!

  7. All I can say is the likes of Xhaka, Willian and co must have an absolute blinder in training!! 🙄

    Why am I so excited? That’s right, it’s Thursday! Hoping to see the youngsters start tonight, in particular ESR and Balogun. And although Moller played on Tuesday, maybe he’d make the bench? Come on boys, show us how it’s done….COYG

    1. I would love to see more of ESR and Balogun too Sue. Especially ESR. He just never disappoints!

      I think MA needs to bring our the big (little) guns now because they probably have more to play for than the regulars? For them, it’s just about the money, obviously!

  8. Some great points veiralynn.It’s not rocket science.Younger players have not yet learned the “fear factor” which is obviously affecting, Auba, Laca and Willian.I really feel most fans will back Arteta if he goes for youth,but how much is he influenced by the fact that he was probably instrumental in getting the Board to sanction the lucrative contracts for two of the three?.

    1. Grandad,

      Wonderful insight?

      Especially Willian, Arteta is keen to prove that Willian is a good addition, I hope for his own good, he changes his stance on that

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