Video: Arteta is quizzed on Aubameyang’s lack of chances

Mikel Arteta was quizzed on how he could get more from Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the defeat to Aston Villa.

The Gunners limped to a 3-0 defeat at the Emirates yesterday evening, and the manager was asked why his team was struggling to score goals.

Statistics have emerged to show that we are in the bottom half of the table of chances created, goals scored and shots on goal, whilst Aubameyang has only had 10 shots on goal from our opening eight matches this term.

Check out his response below.

Is Aubameyang doing anything differently not to be carving out those chances?



  1. For one Auba was moving without the ball, and not standing static on the LW providing width. Tierney isn’t able to provide the width because he is currently having his talents as a LB wasted playing LCB in defense in a 3-4-3; unless we’re “attacking” then he’s LB in a 4-3-3 which he is out of position due to LCB duties.
    Hence our slow laborious build-up of endless back passes. Not to mention having 2 central midfielders who are easily marked out by the 3 opposing midfielders, so again endless back passing and static movement. Willian mentioned this in an article, saying he was told to be patient and wait for the ball to come to him; maybe that static approach is part of the problem?
    I’m only a fan, but I would suggest if you want a 3CB formation, then play 3 CB’s; FFS we have enough. Why not try Saliba in the back 3? Faster than Holding and even played some as a RB in the French League.
    This negative football and Arteta deciding to setup to nullify opponents rather than playing to team’s strength is costing points. If Arteta was concerned by our start, then why did he allow Willian and Laca to continue after halftime? Nketiah tries, bless his heart, but he is championship level at best. He gives me nightmares of Sanogoals when he plays. Edie is dynamite for U-23’s because that’s his level.

  2. He has no clue, not making any sense, totally lost…

    We 2 points from 15th spot! lookin at next fixtures, we will be there for Christmas, even before that.

    Alegri is there frew all this time!

    We won cup which no one cares for, community shield against a tired Reds who are playing for title!

    He should be fired before end of last season, did not do close to Emery, in EPL and Europe!

    Cup non sense or even not winning it; Arteta be there and will til end of season no matter if we sit between 89,9 or 12th as we been since he is here! Not like 3 month, half of last season til this day!.

    Nan U will beat West brom, as westam will Sheffield, Newcastle draw and a defeat to Leeds next; we will be 15th and should remain or bellow 12,13…

    Bellerin Gabriel Holding Tierny
    Pepe …..Auba….Saka.

    Many options at CB, same at midfield and attack…

    This one… But it can be Niles with Partey and Ceballos above or….


    Auba Laca Saka is deadly, they need the ball and played in their best position; or they look average as Auba now. Not just Laca anymore, Auba is now really not doing muxh effect, as if he is not on pitch, lost in Left wing; a waist, as time with Arteta!.

  3. I would have thought it was pretty obvious why Aubameyang is not getting chances, there is no creativity.

    Look at how Grealish performed, not only on the ball, but off it as well.
    He was outstanding and we had no answer to his skill.
    He was causing mayhem down our right flank and let’s not forget, until yesterday’s game, our defence was the best in the PL, yet we were ripped apart by someone who creates movement and chances…he had our back four in complete disarray.

    As for Auba himself, he is not a Thierry Henry type of forward, who goes looking for the ball.
    He has to be given the opportunities as he is not able to find or create them for himself.
    A goalscorer? Yes indeed, but nowhere near the Henry class or, dare I say it, Kane or Vardy.
    That’s why I don’t believe he should be playing in the No.9 role, he just isn’t clever enough.
    Let him cut in from the wing and that’s when you can compare him with Henry, in that one situation, that’s when he is as good as Thierry…but the one and only time in my opinion.
    Just think about how many times Henry received the ball on the half way line and weaved through opponents defences, I cannot recall Auba ever doing that.

    So, before we start blaming Auba for not scoring, we need to look at and recognize these simple facts:
    ( 1) he is not getting the service he needs…to my mind the only REAL excuse he can offer.
    (2) he is not good enough to create the chances himself
    (3) when he is not performing, he should be substituted, just like any other player
    (4) we are not getting performances required from a reported £300,000 a week player with a three year contract ahead of him.
    (5) he is not doing the work that, it seems, every player has to do under MA, giving 100% every game.

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