Video: Arteta is quizzed on how the fans protest affected the result

Arsenal lost 1-0 to Everton last night with a large number of fans protesting outside of the stadium, but the manager refused to blame anything off the pitch for the result.

The manager admitted in his post-match press conference that they had known in advance of the protest and prepared for it, but blamed our performance and that of VAR for their disappointing scoreline.

Is it naive not to believe that the protest could have distracted the preparation of the fixture?


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  1. Well I wouldn’t put it past a few supporters on here to use this excuse for our loss .
    There seems to be never ending excuses for our poor form every game .

    1. Completely agree Dan, I mean we still have some making excuses for Wenger’s final 14 years in the league, his last 7 years in Europe, and 9 years straight without a trophy. At least with Arteta its only been a poor 9 month or so. Big difference between that and 14 years wouldn’t you say?

        1. Glad you finally agree with me Dan, otherwise you would have been huge hypocrite! Well done in seeing the errors of your ways.

          1. @TMJW- for someone who obviously cannot see what is happening right in front of you, let me give you some much needed advice PAL.
            FORGET WENGER
            FORGET EMERY
            If you seriously believe Arteta deserves anything other than the criticism he is receiving now then you are very misguided on what role a Manager is responsible for at a Football Club.
            Even if he miraculously pulls off Winning the Europa League, it will not be forgotten just how poor Arteta has performed this season. The results and performances have been as bad as I can remember, and I’m in the group on here who started watching in the sixties.
            Appointing Arteta is proving a disastrous decision, and that fact is there for everyone, including some, like you, who just cannot admit what is in front of you is actually happening.

          2. @Phil

            Part of what is happening now, and with Emery WAS because of the mess left behind by Wenger, so it’s hard not to mention him. Keeping Wenger on about 10 years too long was the real disaster!

            I have no issue with people criticizing Arteta, and he’s on thin ice for me, but it’s delusional to think that ONE main transfer was enough to turn around our dreadful squad, especially given the all the other problems going on.

            Even the great Wenger was afforded 4 years to win another major trophy after that first double. Klopp needed over 3 years, about the same for Fergie. Even the best them need time!

  2. Sorry to discuss offpoint, do we thing it will count as advantage to have played on Friday which gives us enough days to rest ahead of the semi final.
    I think we should salute FA for this and hope we capitalize.
    What do you think guys?

    1. I think we need the rest of the season to get a rest from what’s been going on this season – so many records being created, unfortunately they are all negative… we will soon know if this season ends up with yet another record, the first time in over two decades that we might not have European football.

      1. Ken
        Unfortunately that is the direction this process is taking the club. Nearly 18 months and I see no improvement, but plenty of evidence for regression.

        I have no faith in Arteta turning things around; more likely he loses the locker room.

        Arteta has shown nothing to inspire confidence, and looks a drowning man with each passing day.

        More embarrassing records broken with each performance, and an owner not fussed and willing to settle for midtable as long as his tv revenue rolls in.

        I fear Kronke’s lack of ambition has seeped into the board and players; no intensity, hunger, and that weak mentality cascades from the top down.

        1. Agree Durand and I have this feeling that this has seeped even further down to a section of the fans, who are accepting this… because we have to give kronkie / arteta time to sort it out.

          If we win the europa league, we might see some kind of reaction from the club, but things are really getting desperate at our club, both on and off the pitch.

        2. Spot on Durand.
          Whilst Stan the money ball man is head of Arsenal acceptance of mediocrity will remain and seep further and deeper still into the fabric of the club and all of its activities.

        3. If Arsenal fail to win the Europa final you can expect the downward momentum to increase. Arsenal will struggle to attract the players it needs for Arteta to build for a stronger squad. Subsequently, Arteta will simply be even more out of his depth with the club spiraling towards relegation next season. I feel it’s already too late for Arteta. He knows it too. The club are in trouble and that is obvious. The wrong people are running the club from top to bottom.

    2. @TMJW- ok this is odd. We seem to have a civil conversation going on. For the record and for the 1000th time I wanted Wenger our around 2011-12. FOUR FA Cup wins papered over far too many cracks. But Wengers worst times are still a whole lot better than we are witnessing now.
      Emery? Initially I said I would give him a free pass for his first season. That lasted half a season. Like many I saw zero improvement and knew he was not who would do the huge job required. He should have been sacked on the plane back from Bako.
      Arteta performed a minor miracle winning the FA Cup. This season was full of optimism and again I was supportive of him. But to me, and many others too, it soon became obvious he was too inexperienced. We are now paying the price of having a novice manager with, it appears, a free reign and no accountability.
      How is this possible?
      Any business leader will realise a mistake a rectify it at the earliest opportunity. I believe Arteta is out at the end of this season,and if he isn’t I see no reason to be anything other than extremely concerned on how he will improve anything next season
      We will just have to wait and see

  3. Seriously,I think he is running out of ideas.can he change it in summer transfer window?definitely NO for me because Arsenal will not buy 3 exceptional plays in a window like Chelsea
    We need someone that can perform magic with our team just the moyes or Brenda is doing with thier teams.

  4. besides my obvious concerns about who in this organization actually has the experiential know-how and/or foresight to properly evaluate Arteta’s future prospects, based on what has transpired so far, I’m incredibly fearful of letting someone with his questionable decision-making to have another window to tinker…we saw what happened last year, when the headlines went to his head and he immediately abandoned our “rebuild” by aggressively pursuing WiIlian

    what if, knowing that he’s under the gun to start strong next season, he sells off one of our future “stars” to fund another Willian-like shot in the dark and/or continues to ostracize players, like Martinelli, Saliba, Mavro or others, to point where they push for a move elsewhere…there’s just so many maneuverings that could be in the works and we just can’t afford to get them wrong again…I just don’t like the idea of giving such an inexperienced manager the keys to the organization, especially when he will be making vitally important decisions from a position of desperation not strength

  5. It’s a disappointing result against Everton but…

    (1) Nketiah upfront is never going to be enough. His chance is pretty-much over and soon Martinelli &, maybe a new or promoted youth striker will be there instead.

    (2) There are a lot of injuries at the moment and the squad depth is not good enough yet to field an adequate team every week under the circumstances. This should also improve with another transfer window.

    (3) Leno has made some bad mistakes but also pulls-off some cracking saves fairly often. He’s got the talent and could still iron out these issues. Even Man Utd”s De Gea had a really bad spell before becoming one of the best in the world for quite some time.

    The margin between where Arsenal are now and where they should be can be bridged by another 1 or 2 transfer windows. No need to panic. If it’s the same at the end of next srasdon, then fair enough.

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