Video: Arteta is quizzed on how the playing schedule has affected form

Mikel Arteta has opened up on the difficulties that the current season has brought, with Arsenal certainly not alone in struggling with consistency.

The Gunners endured an extended winless streak before Christmas, and are still struggling to bring the same level of performance from game to game, and other teams are certainly having the same issues.

Teams in Europe especially have had to juggle playing almost every three days since September, and you can hear the manager’s comments on the subject below.

Does the Premier League table make more sense when we analyse the playing schedules of each club?


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  1. Arsenal has a squad depth 2 contend the congested fixtures caused by the pandemic, only she doesn’t have the expertise at the top 2 guide us 2 victory. I remembered when we had Jeremy Aladiere as our top 9 & even with the ever busy schedule, especially during the Yuletide, Arsenal still finished top 4 notwithstanding our meagre squad filled with teenagers. WENGER, you are legendary.

  2. No more excuses for Arsenal underperforming. We have earned our league position from our inconsistent performances and self-inflicted mistakes.

    We have created many of our own obstacles; players underperforming, managerial decisions like Tierney as a CB, not playing to the strengths of the team and individual players, etc… Point being when finding fault only need to look in the mirror.

    Can’t blame fans for this, no presence in the stadium; perhaps that turned out to be a good thing for the players and Arteta.

    End of the season there needs to be a complete evaluation; management, manager, players, youth development, the whole nine yards.

    Kronke will never fund a starting 11 of Arteta’s desire, so he better improve on what he has. At best he may get a couple, but he will never have Man City type funding.

    My advice to Arteta is learning the art of polishing a turd as they say, make the best of what you have. Don’t expect fish to fly and birds to swim, so realize the limitations of his players.

  3. For all those people who have defended Arteta under the guise that he’s not afraid to take ownership of his own mistakes and he supposedly doesn’t hide behind a whole host of excuses, it’s time to take the blinders off

    for me personally, this experiment gets a failing grade so far, which isn’t to suggest I want Arteta to be relieved from his managerial duties, it just means that before he gets another window, he needs to prove that his particular vision makes sense for us as a club, moving forward…we can ill-afford to give him access to the limited amount of funds we have available for transfers this summer and/or the authority to control the developmental process of our more youthful prospects, which I believe has been largely mismanaged up to this point, without proving that he can handle just such a complex proposition

    the proof for me will come in the form of the tried and true “eye test”…so far this season we’ve witnessed only a handful of games that even provide an inkling of positivity for what may lie ahead for us under his tutelage

    although I certainly don’t want a “revolving door” manager’s room, I also wouldn’t keep someone to simply avoid the potential long-term implications of being tagged as that kind of club…some of the biggest clubs in the footballing world have survived quite nicely with a myriad of different managers over a short period of time, in fact, the most successful, in recent times, like Real, Barca, Bayern, PSG, Juve, among others, have maintained their respective dominance regardless of having a fairly quick axe…largely because they have exceedingly high expectations and won’t settle for anything less, which used to be a motto at our club until Wenger teamed up with our absentee landlord and devised the great Emirates stadium “ruse”

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