Video: Arteta is quizzed on similarities to last season…

Mikel Arteta was asked if he saw similarities between this season and the last, despite not being Arsenal manager at the time.

The team is roughly in the same position as they were at this point last term, but the manager struggles to accept similarities in the two because he was not here at the time.

Unai Emery was shown the door after leading us to a lowly position in the league, before Arteta came in and brought improvements, but the Spaniard appears to be making his own side improve of late regardless.

Can you see similarities in the two seasons so far?


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  1. ken1945 says:

    Not in the slightest – no covid to deal with – no player power to deal with – no fan toxicity to deal with.

    MA has been a breath of fresh air.

    1. jon fox says:

      KEN ARE YOU SURE THERE IS NO FAN TOXICITY AT ALL? I agree there ought not to be but sadly there is. No spectators means no trouble in Emirates but on here, many want him out. As for player power, there are those who are clearly not working for their place; all of those are older players of course, bar Pepe, and most will not be here long IMO, THANKFULLY.

      Anyway heres to a happy NEW YEAR FOR ALL OF US.

  2. Jah son says:

    If only one could definitively say what makes Arteta a good manager without fantasy land and proclaiming realism. DWL. Arteta is worse than Emery so far and this is a fact.

    1. Davi says:

      Arteta is clearly trying to build a winning culture from the ground up – you can see a difference, but he’s also made some bad/questionable decisions, and growing pains should be expected. I’m happy to give him time as he could build or contribute to a more lasting success.
      Emery is clearly very capable of getting the best from what he has, shown by his current and past work, but I wasn’t working at Arsenal and I saw no evidence that it was within a longer term strategy.

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