Video: Arteta looking forward to his first pre-season schedule

Mikel Arteta was quizzed on whether he could see positives without European football, but is more happy about having a pre-season to work with his players.

The Spaniard took over as coach in December 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt to football around the globe, and he was denied a credible pre-season due to the limited time and difficulties travelling due to restrictions.

Arteta is now looking forward to enjoying a pre-season with his team, where he can hopefully put in the time with his squad to properly instil his ideologies.

How important is the pre-season for a team and manager to work on their plans?


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  1. The reality of clear improvement is the only thing that will draw me to accept Arteta. He has made a right dog’s dinner of this season, poor tactics, poor team choices, grudges against some, poor by any standards. He is to me under probation more than any other Premier League manager. Probably at any other club apart from the Krankie’s ownership, he would have been ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ as an APPRENTICE! He could still win me round though by being
    1) Honest, not blaming everybody/thing but himself.
    2) Stop his resentful grudges
    3) Buy the players we really need to challenge
    4) Stop the noticeably suffocating micro management
    5) Play a football style to excite both the players and supporters

    I would rather have seen him fired, but reality is he has another chance and it’s not impossible to win me round, which will happen if he plays exciting and winning football. I assume that is the same for most others except for a few of the deluded ones on these threads.

    1. He certainly has a grudge against Martinelli 🙁

      Tactically, it was a s**t-show for most of the season. I’m still not convinced with what I saw in the last five games. A lot of work is needed and I’m pretty sure we will not be that happy with our summer dealings come September tbh..

      Hope i’m wrong!

  2. yeah he clearly has a lot of ground to make up @sean Williams, and a lot of work trying to convince us that he is the right man to get us firing again next term, the only good thing that I can really say is the inclusion of ESR, SAKA AND TIERNEY without these three we would have been further down this league without a doubt,
    Arteta has made too many team changes too frequently and he has to take the blame for the dour way we have played so often this season.

  3. Also sticking too long with badly out of form players and poor signings have been a telling factor, Willian has been a poor signing and Luiz has taken too long getting to the standard he is capable of, I like Auba but he is not captain material, it was a mistake to give him the armband he too often drifts out of the game when the chips are down and as the skipper you need to step up in those moments.

  4. Exactly Sean! He can win us all round but he has to take a good hard look at himself and make the necessary adjustments. I think we have a good group of players and if we make a few good acquisitions over the summer and sell some players we can have a team capable of being in and amongst top. It all depends on whether he has what it takes. Come Christmas we will know for certain!

  5. Yeah Sean- pretty much nailed what needs to be said with your post. We are potentially a decent side. But Arteta still has a lot to prove next season to convince most he is up to it.

  6. and a big shout out to Pepe- that second goal was just so good. Odegards ball was perfect and the finish was brilliant. His first touch for the opener was perfect too. He “could” be a big player for us

  7. Just as Sean said, there are many who feel Arteta needs to show some improvement and changes to win the fans around. For example, stop with the square pegs and round holes syndrome.
    He should know his players by now, and should know enough to get the most from them.

    For example, does the team need Auba defending around our 18 yard box, or playing higher up using his speed to get behind the opponents high line?

    Our midfield needs sorting out, and hopefully Arteta and Edu can identify the right partner for Partey, and find some stability.

    Lastly, Arteta has to cut loose the dead weight and those who’s contributions don’t match their wages.

  8. Next season we want to see the changes from Mikel ateta.Arsenal must be acompetative club next season.

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