Video: Arteta opens up on Arsenal’s chances of Martin Odegaard returning

Mikel Arteta appears upbeat on Arsenal’s chances of a return for Martin Odegaard, who is set to return to Real Madrid following his loan deal.

The Norwegian midfielder joined the club on a temporary deal in January and moved to earn a regular starting role in the side.

Odegaard quickly settled into the first-team, appearing to enjoy working alongside our young exuberant front line, whilst his parent club have failed to show him that they are willing to guarantee him playing time at such an important time in his career.

Mikel Arteta confirms that they are looking forward to talking with Real about his possible return, admitting that Arsenal’s intentions are clear.

Would Odegaard’s return impact other youngsters in our playing squad?


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  1. 8th last season.
    8th this season.
    Now Arteta ‘ opens up’ on Odegaard.
    Reporter ‘So what are you willing to pay to buy Odegaard’?
    Arteta ‘That is confidential’
    So much for “opening up’
    5th season in the Spurs shadow.
    It’s getting drafty down at the EMS.

    1. Wyoming, why should Arteta or Arsenal show their financial hand in proposed negotiations with Real Madrid?

  2. Martin Odegaard has had a short loan spell impacted by injury. However when fit, he has shown his class and has developed positive relationships with Arsenal’s other young players. For example in the 3-3 draw against West Ham, Odegaard virtually single handedly dragged Arsenal back from 3-0 down.
    Real Madrid has considerable financial difficulties, finished second in La Liga and will need to sell players to buy the stars they want. They may be willing to sell Odegaard at a price acceptable to Arsenal.

  3. He doesn’t score. 2 goals for all his games aren’t enough. Let’s bring in Willock instead of selling him for Ordegaad

  4. Firstly, how much is Martin Odegaard worth, realistically? Real Madrid’s value is likely to be much more than his actual value.

    With Real Madrid sinking in debt I doubt they will let him go to Arsenal at a cut price. I expect Arsenal are going to play hardball with RM for most of the summer whilst looking around for other options.

    For me, this is the priority are that need sorting ASAP. We won’t have time to dilly dally but we all know that is exactly what we do every summer..

  5. Despite his meagre goal scoring. I think oedegard has been a plus for Arsenal. Himself, Saka, ESR and Martinelli are players with a single minded idea on forward thrust and prefer to be always on the attack whilst keeping the opposition on the back foot. Oedegar’s absolute willingness to do this and the manner in which he does it with flair is exactly what we need. He plays an aggressive, forward motion type of play, which we have to continue with.

    Ball retention is good but keeping the ball for keeps sake, with cautious sideways and backwards passing is slow and cumbersome and allows us to be overcome by the opposition press. With the likes of Oedegard and those others mentioned above including Partey, we would always be able to be on the front foot and the best form of defense is always attack.

    I don’t think we should sell Willock to accommodate Oedegard. In fact we should employ them both. Interchanging them as and when required as surely with the progressive attacking play would no doubt incur fatigue and injury so we need duplicates for every position.

    Another good thing about all the players I’ve just mentioned is their willingness to put in a defensive shift too. You often see them running around like blue arsed flies closing down and chasing back which is a big help to our defense too.

    In fact our defense would become more stable as a result of the concerted efforts of those in front of them. Arteta has to some degree stabilised the defense with Holding, Mari, Gabriel and Chambers looking more assured than the old rear guard. With the likes of Chambers, Mari and Gabriel especially being able to provide some attacking qualities too at times.

    I’d like to see Bellerin gone as he’s lost his pace and the art of sending. Cedric has done well and he’d be a good backup.

    To be honest……….and I know lots of fans think we should spend. But I think we’ve got a half decent squad and with the employment of better and more progressive tactics from Arteta. We’ve got enough talent to do extremely well in the upcoming season and those to come. There’s no need to spend for spend sake just to placate. A few complimentary additions to supplement what we have ie Bissoum, another good attacking left back and a goalkeeper to act as a backup to Ryan when he finally becomes number one between the sticks.

    I’m happy with what we’ve got and, we’ve shown in fits and starts that we can actually play some competent, winning football. Not always filled with flair but aggressive. As long as the manager is aligned to that mindset, we’re in good stead and should make a concerted effort to be actually challenging for the league title and not just a European qualifying place!

    1. 3/4 sensible additions would help us improve.The trouble will be unloading a raft of players in the current financial climate.

  6. Not the player i expected and refuses to shoot or play killer passes far too often. Maybe worth a punt for 25 to 30 mil but not worth risking anymore on him. Good but not great!

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