Video: Arteta opens up on Reiss Nelson’s recent absence

Reiss Nelson has been enjoying minutes in the first-team of late, but just as he was making his mark he has disappeared, but Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta revealed he picked up a knock.

The English winger was in the squad to take on Spurs on December 4, but hasnโ€™t been seen since, and will hopefully be able to build on his form when he returns.

The manager doesnโ€™t state how long he expects him to be out for, but we can only hope he is fit in the near future.

Could we see Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Saka and Reiss Nelson in the same team in 2021?



  1. Sean says:

    Couldn’t be any worse than Willian and he cares about the club and will put shifts in. Even Pepe isnt much better!

  2. Mogunna says:

    Niles Willock
    Nelson Martinelli Saka

    They all been ready to step up.

    Rotation is key in EPL, specially with EL, cup as well, only realistic way to get to EL place we in today.

    After Chelsea, it should have been rotations, not play same team because won. Martinelli and Rowe were brought up to fill up, not calculated.

    Just as playing them again, but protect, rest, save them for wes brom,

    Again, we need a drastic change to turn things around. Not a guessing win and almost drawing last game.

    We need a coach to rely on, someone who has experience, not play Russian roulette with our heads every week end, hoping he doesn’t bring back his luiz ceballos Willian again.

    Can’t rush, overplay youngsters all over sudden, not burn them down.

    Rotation is key to win a league. Not sure Kolas on loan now was good idea.

    Tierny will need a briever, can get injured too. Saka will be used to fill up and get fed up, as Niles who can be on his way to play regular football at his midfield spot at Madrid, play CL, blow up…They want to make it like a Partey and we do not play him when Party is out. Just as Rowe with Ozil out. So obvious and common sense, no other 10 in squad.

    He kept playing ceballos. Hope we jump on Tuchel and stop this amateur coaching killing us.

  3. Davi says:

    Good to hear there’s a simple reason for this. I do believe he’s another who can force his way into PL starting lineups and provide that much needed energy in the forward positions.

  4. Grandad says:

    In the limited opportunities he has had this season, he has impressed me.It’s reassuring to learn that his recent absence is due to injury as I would prefer him on the RW to either Willian or Pepe.In Saka, Martinelli and Nelson we have three really talented wingers and there is no reason for us to recruit in that area.What we do with Pepe and Willian is another issue for our Manager to contemplate.He did not sign Pepe but the recruitment of Willian is down to him.

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