Video: Arteta refuses to acknowledge Arsenal’s season as an underachievement

Mikel Arteta has been quizzed on how he rates Arsenal’s campaign, and while he believes his team progressed in the Europa League, he refused to accept that it was an underachievement overall.

Our team has enjoyed a much better run of form since Christmas, with the club having the second-most points in the division in the last 23 matches, but that hasn’t helped us to secure a European place as of yet.

We could end up finish seventh if results go our way on Sunday, and the manager insists that there the club isn’t where it wants to be, whilst refusing to accept he season has been an underachievement.

Is Arteta too stubborn to accept that the campaign has been an underachievement, or is he under orders not to use such terms? Are there positives to take out of the term?


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  1. He has not live up to expectation and the football Arsenal is playing is atrocious! I don’t seem to have much confidence in him. Let’s see how it goes next season!

  2. If we can finish 7th, that’s actually about right, when you consider we don’t have a top 6 squad.

    Problem is, that we were poor in ALL cup competitions, and we didn’t at least put up a fight for a top 6 finish. We can also still finish as low as 10th, so overall, not a great season on paper.

    However, sum big positives going into next season:

    3rd best defense this season
    Currently 2nd in the form table since Christmas (around 23 games I think)
    We offloaded a ton of deadwood this season, and that looks to continue this summer
    We blooded some youngsters, who should now kick on next season
    Arsenal are top in the EPL in regards to VAR decisions going against us (yet another two from the Palace game to add to the list), and top from the five best biggest leagues in Europe in regards to fouls/red cards ratio. Those two stats clearly indicate how unlucky we have been this season. If we can get some justice next season, then the potential of a lot more points is huge!

  3. Debating this season is starting to get pointless; people tend to be entrenched in their camps and will not be swayed one way or another.

    It tends to be relative and come down to what an individual defines as success; progress or improvement.

    1. unless you have fully functioning eyes and can clearly see that this was an abject failure, especially considering his original mandate…that said, I definitely know what you mean Durand…although there has been some camp movement in more recent times following the EL tactical debacle

  4. We have gone backwards, Our strikers have gone backwards, our football has gone backwards and delusional Arteta cannot see how low we have sunk. Every supporter knows we have regressed. Arteta is seriously out of touch with the reality of this season. He is a bit lost and delusional.

  5. We are going backwards and this squad is easily top four material with a manager that knows what he is doing. This season was a total underachievement!

    1. ManC, Liverpool, ManU, Leicester, Chelsea squads are better than ours, and Everton, Spurs, are more or less the same, so I don’t’ see where you get your “easily top four material” from?

      If you DO believe the squad is easily top four quality, then I guess we don’t really need to add much more then in the summer then.

        1. We haven’t over achieved but we definitely have underachieved. Arteta hasn’t got anything extra out of this squad and that is his job.

  6. You can’t expect anything of a unqualified person like Farteta, so no reason to talk about “underachievement”. Out of nothing comes nothing, that should be Fartys motto.

  7. The football Arsenal have mostly played under Arteta is mind mind numbingly boring, I would never pay to watch that rubbish. If he calls that progress, well he and the Kroenkes deserve each other.

  8. Arsenal now has the delusions from top to bottom, as demonstrated by Arteta’s statements.
    We all should remember the statement (promise?) made that Arsenal leaving Highbury, selling its best players and spending the family fortune on constructing the Emirates, would lead to competing with the best clubs in Europe, not only the EPL.
    “Be very excited” we were told.
    I am not excited, just totally underwhelmed!
    If you believe anything Kroenke and his puppets have to say, I have a Harbour Bridge to sell you.

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