Video: Arteta refuses to blame ‘unlucky’ Aubameyang against Benfica

Arsenal’s clash with Benfica is very much in the balance after our 1-1 draw in Rome, but we had a number of chances to take a grip on the result.

The Gunners were the better side on the night, but failed to get themselves more than one away goal in the first of two matches in neutral stadiums.

This could well cost us the tie, but the manager isn’t blaming Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who fluffed all our best chances on the night, writing him off as ‘unlucky’.

Do we believe that Arteta is as soft on his team in training and the dressing room as he is in front of the cameras?


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  1. Even when he won us the FA cup, I always preferred Lacazette because of his commitment & work rate, though both are still average. strikes.

  2. Unlucky would be the keeper getting a slight touch and saving it or maybe brushing off the post.
    But to put it that wide was terrible for a goal poacher of his status and showed a lack of concentration.
    It was written all over his game yesterday. Seemed to fall so easily whenever the ball was lauched to him from either Gabriel or Luiz. Something Laca with his average height does.
    The second half chance was also another terrible case of indecision. Why not shoot direct instead of trying to dummy the defender and keeper at once

  3. Not the wisest question to ask! No sensible manager ever slaughters his player in public. Wenger never did, and the very few that occasionally do so, always learn to their cost that it causes dressingroon unrest. To expect public and private(dressingroom) managers attitudes to be the same is extremely naive!

  4. Further to the above, the fact that Auba was subbed, showed me exactly what MA thought of Aubas perf. Not that this action was needed, to tell me or anyone else, except maybe PATRICK, exactly that!

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