Video: Arteta remains calm despite being quizzed on Arsenal’s worst points tally

Mikel Arteta has remained calm amidst questioning on the club’s struggles, even when told that this is Arsenal’s worst points tally since the Premier League began.

The Spaniard has guided his side to pick up only 13 points from their opening 10 fixtures, adding just four points in their last six outings.

His side have impressed in the Europa League, winning all four matches, but you could argue that they were fortunate to be drawn amongst weak opposition also.

Despite the club’s dismal start to the term, Arteta remains calm however, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.


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    1. Thank u! I been trashed by writers and mates here for saying it.

      I love Arsenal or won’t be here to try to point issue: we have no coach, or one who has no clue of the job.

  1. If you’re not worried about your job, you don’t care whether you’re sacked.
    Basically Arteta is trying not to admit that he’s failed.

  2. Arsenal have been an absolute mess for years and every time we think we are on the up we get smacked back down! I honestly don’t know what’s needed at the club anymore.. even Aubameyang who I wanted to sign a new contract looks completely disinterested.. his form is shocking… The attack is feeble, the midfield is atrocious and the defending is becoming comical again, top that off with the manager who looks clueless too! A club that signs a 32 year old on a 3 year contract plus loan signings Mari and Soares on long term deals before kicking a ball is extremely worrying! I backed and defended Arteta but now it’s time he moved on, the team is getting worse and you couldn’t give some of our players away with a big ribbon on them.. so the axe has to fall on the manager!

    1. Although I put us down for a win, once I saw the line ups (especially their attack) I knew we wouldn’t!! No way are we getting anything next week, the way we’re playing, we’ll be lucky to pick up another point this year!!
      The worst I’ve ever known it…

  3. Can you please name one coach who inherited this shit and turned it around? this is modern football you need resources to produce results. With the crap we have in our squad we overachieved last season with a trophy. We should wait and give him atleast 2 more transfer windows before jumping the ship…

  4. The worst I’ve seen since mid70s/mid 80s.
    12 months ago Emery was sacked when we were 8th. Today we are 14th. As Sue said, we could go into the new year without getting anymore points this year.

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