Video – Arteta rues another defensive mistake but happy with the win

It seems to be a weekly occurence nowadays that Arsenal make a cockup of playing out from the back to gift goals to our opponents, and it happened yet against last night at Olympiakos.

Not only did we give the Greek Champions a goal but they could easily have had three given to them by our defenders, and although we came away with a good lead to take into the second leg, Arteta was not happy with our lax defending…



  1. The norms of the football world nowadays. ‘Pool loses at home, VAR makes a mistake, Man Utd gets another penalty and Arsenal makes another defensive error. Good Times. 😊

      1. We have been screaming out for stand up defenders since the days of adams bould etc ,but we buy show ponies like luiz ,midfielders and strikers ,we ship with great ease .Buy some defenders for christ sakes

  2. Arsenal cannot move forward until we stop deceiving ourselves, these are no more mistakes or errors. The truth is that these players are not good enough and the coach himself is extremely and passionately biased among the crops of players in the team. A good coach who is serious and ambitious will not wait for anybody to tell him that Xhaka is not a player for top team. Also, if you have made a mistake by signing some players, be humble and accept it rather than trying to justify it by paying players who are not contributing anything to the team at the expense of good young and energetic players who are ready to fight for the team. What baffles me most is the way some fans are now defending Xhak, Willian and some other garbage we have in the team.

    1. Correct on all counts. Arsenal, since the Wenger(experiment)years have prided themselves on playing lovely, florid football with players to match. Football has evolved a few times since then but we haven’t. We’re still trying to get away with what we did in yesteryear. Still top heavy with inadequate players. Still think we’ve got the craft and the flair from days past. And still making on the pitch from a combination of moronic play (down to the coaching) and underwhelming players. Xhaka has managed to have a handful of good moments from some games but he’s seriously lacking. People have defended him and say that he has passing and defensives qualities that are necessary to our attack. I don’t see it personally. Too many times even up to last night I saw him, ball at his feet, no challenge or encroachment from the opp. The forward pass was on to any number of players ahead of him, so was the space to move into and still a pass. Kierny,Saka, aubamayang all available. No, does a 180 and gives it to Gabriel or Luiz. As for Willian he’s had even less than Xhaka. I’d say you could condense all of willians positivites into 5 minutes. Arteta, still has to bear the brunt of the criticism as he picks the team and decides on the tactics. He’s got players with real fight and drive but prefers drivel.

  3. I think Olympiacos created 0 chances? All their chances were individual errors of our players, yes?

    We are making a mountain out of a molehill. Playing from the back needs to stop. Opposition players know we are week and frail in our own half, trying to pass the ball.

    We just don’t have the players for it to be effective.

    1. I recall three of their 4 best chances were mistakes by Odegaard, Luiz and Ceballos, all caused by suicidal back or sideways passes around our area. They all played like Xhaka last night – first thought to play backwards. Throw in Leno ‘s limitations and the fact that now every team has watched our videos and the pressing will get worse, and Yikes!

  4. If you don’t keep defenses honest, you will get burned…if Arteta would take the handbrakes off and allow the players to adopt a more direct approach at times, when playing out of the back and the opposing team has committed too many players on the press, then we will almost assuredly be afforded a bit more space in our own end…the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again yet expect a different result

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