Video – Arteta thinks Nelson is playing himself into Arsenal’s starting XI

It seems that Mikel Arteta was extremely impressed with the performance of Reiss Nelson against Molde, and the boss seems to be seriously thinking that he could be ready for a few games in the Premier League.

Arteta thinks that Nelson would be perfect on the wing, and considering the performances from Willian and Pepe this season, perhaps it won’t be very long until he gets his big chance….


  1. Nelson works harder than Pepe and Willian in his defending game.
    His speed is good too.
    He needs to improve on two aspects.
    Going to meet a pass and not waiting for the ball to reach him, secondly Knowing when to pass the ball
    to his team mates, he delays his passes, and they are not quality including corner taking.

  2. Auba should raise up to the standards he is measured. It’s hard to understand how he goes for five matches without a goal. No matter the position he is played. Look at supper Henry during his days.

  3. I’m increasingly coming around to the idea that this is the perfect time for Arteta to give some young players on the cusp a run of 6 or so games to sink or swim. Perfect time because there are no fans at games to ratchet up the pressure on them when they are playing through their mistakes. At the end of five or so games, Arteta can reassess and decide who needs a loan after xmas.

    Nelson, Willock, AMN, Balogun, ideally Saliba fit that description.

    Wouldn’t get us top four this season but at least would be fun to watch.

    1. I agree, but the trouble is if he does that and we lose a few games the Arteta haters on here will have a field day criticising him for doing what most of us want to see happen

      1. Yes and those silly haters are so frustrating, so impatient and so unthinking. My real fear is they wil drive MA out, by him thinking “I don’t need all this nonsense” . I am certain he is destined for greatness and pray it will be with us alone.

  4. Given the poor form of our experienced players Arteta would have every justification for giving our talented youngsters a run in the EPL..For those who are anti Arteta let’s hear from you with constructive comments as to where you feel he is failing to meet your requirements.Criticism of itself is meaningless unless it is backed up by proposals to bring about improvements on the pitch.

    1. Grandad, the only observation (call it criticism if you want) is the lack of positivity going forward.
      For obvious reasons, MA concentrated on his defence and that is much improved – however, the lack of creativity is affecting both our midfield and forwards.
      I’m hoping that ESR will be given the opportunity to show his skills and, despite the negativity this might produce, consider MO again in January.

  5. I don’t doubt that Ozil could help infuse some needed creativity into the team but I wouldn’t be keen on bringing him back into the fold for a few reasons.

    First he is clearly not in Arteta’s long-term plans and I hope Arteta will be around long-term.

    Second, much like Willian is doing now, he would get in the way of developing the likes of Willock and ESR.

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