Video: Arteta urges his players to ‘show how much we care’

Mikel Arteta has told his players to go out on Sunday against West Brom and show the Arsenal fans how much they care.

The Gunners have little to play for after their Europa League exit last night, but the players still have an extremely outside chance of reaching Europe with a climb up the Premier League table.

West Brom will be their opponents come Sunday, and the managers has urged the players to show everyone that they do care after some criticisms this week.

Do the players have something to prove ahead of the summer window?


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  1. Season is pretty much done, HUGE disappointment from the top down. Players underperforming (Saka and Tierney exceptions), regression in the squad, Arteta showed he’s out of his depth, and management remains unambitious and indifferent to the situation.

    I for one will be glad to see an end to this year, and I’m hoping more for a managerial change than anything else in the transfer window.

    1. I agree. A managerial change is the most fans can hope for given past history.

      But change at board-level would no doubt even out this season’s disappointment.

  2. Oh yeah of course beat West Brom and all is forgiven! I woke up today with the smallest expectation that Kroenke would do the right thing and give Arteta the boot after all he owes the fans something… But nope Arteta is still in a job and that is just a slap in the face to us fans and further proves the club has absolutely zero ambition and hasn’t a clue what they are doing! He has massively failed and his football is horrific I won’t be watching any further games with Mikel Arteta in charge.

  3. Too little too late, season is over, its been crap and Arteta, you are to blame, please go!

    1. I think WBA will win anyway, we aren’t that good anymore, our football stinks. The prospect of WBA Playing Arsenal and enjoying the game whatever is just not appealing anymore, its the levels we are at and the football match isn’t important anymore anyway.

    2. Reggie, at least you are and have not been blaming anyone else for MA’s failings.

      I know your views on both AW and UE and, at last, we have someone who does not try to hide behind anyone else’s time at the helm.

      This mess is completely down to MA, who has had a free path since the start of the covid situation.

      I remember saying that he needed a older and wiser head to help him out, but instead he took on the same level of responsibility that an experienced manager like AW couldn’t handle in his last 18 months at the club.

      Once our fanbase stop trying to excuse his mistakes by blaming others, then we can discuss where MA went wrong.

      1. Hi ken, i am so disenchanted at what is happening at the moment. The one person to blame is Arteta. The reason is our football is the worst football i have seen for years. Its slow, its negative, its predictable, its boring, its non productive and it is stale. The style we play is 100% down to the manager and he should accountable for the dross he serves up. I can count on one hand (maybe finger) how many games ive enjoyed watching under Arteta and im bored, bloody bored. I cant take watching his garbage, its soul destroying. I still keep looking on Sly sports and cant believe he hasn’t been sacked. He has failed ken.

    3. Joe willock is playing his best football away from Arsenal and scored again Reggie what does that say about Arteta ? At what low point does Arsenal have to reach before peps cone boy is sacked ?

          1. The worst case could be Arteta stops giving instructions from the side and our players start playing free flow no handbrake football and win the remaining matches. Spurs and Everton bottles their season and we end up in Europa Conference League (or whatever it will be called).

  4. Maybe he’s truly concerned about his chances of retaining his position at our club or why else would he even have the nerve to seemingly imply that this whole situation could somehow be rectified with a win against West Brom…maybe he has to prove to ownership that he hasn’t lost the room…I still believe that our best bet for his dismissal at season’s end is if the toxicity surrounding the club, regarding the now defunct SL, continues when the fans return in the final couple of weeks, which might lead to a “wag the dog” firing ploy

  5. So, we couldn’t care less about a semi-final in Europe, yet we’ll come out all guns blazin’ in a nothing game against West Brom – sounds about right!

    Willock πŸ”₯

    1. 5 – Joe Willock has scored 5 goals in 11 Premier League games for
      since joining during the January transfer window, with no player from parent club Arsenal outscoring him in the competition since then. Steal.

    2. Yeah Sue they think if we win a game without any pressure we should be overjoyed! Arteta thinks because he worked with Pep it gives him stature… Does that mean if I work alongside Klopp that makes me brilliant? If he cared about Arsenal he would walk he’s been nothing short of an embarrassment.

      1. A new gravatar, Kev!!
        Bar a few games, I’d say this whole season has been an embarrassment. I honestly don’t know where we go from here… and don’t say the championship πŸ˜†

        1. Yes Sue I’m so angry still and I foolishly thought that Arteta would have been sacked today but then I remembered Stan Kroenke is the owner who hires clowns to hire other clowns! I’m not watching any other games with Arteta in charge, it’s an insult that he’s still manager and if anyone comes out and says oh your not a real fan they can p#ss off, I’ve supported this club for over 30 years I’m entitled to express my displeasure of how the club has sank to the depths! Our football is so bad to watch i honestly couldn’t watch that rubbish for another year 😩 well Sue I don’t think there will be much improvement next season no matter who we sign under Arteta, I’d rather we go get Rafa Benitez now at least he can structure a team! OT Newcastle running riot looks like Brenda is bottling it again πŸ˜„

          1. Just have to lower your expectations, Kev. Unfortunately the club will always let us down one way or another and that won’t be changing any time soon. FYI I don’t have any anger or tears left πŸ˜†
            Woah, Newcastle!! We could always go for Brucie baby 🀣
            What has happened to Vardy? Can you remember the last time he scored/dived for a penalty??!!

          2. The thing is I do have low expectations but they are even performing worse than my lowest expectations Sue 😳 haha I was initially ok after the game because after the first 30 mins I knew how it was going to pan out, but later on I began thinking about it and just got really angry, mainly because I knew Arteta will talk a lot crap of how they need to improve all the bullsh#t we’ve been hearing all season! And how the board are still behind him… If this continues the fans will turn on the club just like united fans did last weekend, they are completely undermining us, every man and his dog knows Arteta is out of his depth, we can’t be all wrong and a handful of people in a boardroom are right? Haha big Brucie “you gotta be honest in this game” πŸ€ͺ haha must be a shortage in red bull or the fact he’s 34/35 and is past his prime.. that Leicester team will get picked apart in the champions league if they even qualify πŸ€ͺ

          3. 30 minutes?! πŸ˜€ I knew after the first 5 haha!
            I don’t watch the post match interviews, Kev.. 90 minutes was more than enough.
            The fans are returning soon, that’ll be interesting!! Won’t need the fake noise πŸ˜„
            Yes, just like we would’ve done had we qualified!

          4. Returning ? You mean there’s people who is actually going to pay and watch that rubbish? πŸ€ͺ. If you offered me a free ticket to the emirates and Β£50 I still wouldn’t go, you have to make a stand and say enough is enough yous are not getting any more money until the club is run like a football club. Exactly Sue us a champions league team ? We can’t even win the europa league and we’ve been in it 4 years πŸ˜‚ I guarantee if there was a third tier European competition we wouldn’t win that either we just aren’t meant to win anything in europe. Even Totts have 2 UEFA cups we have a fairs cup and cup winners cup that doesn’t even exist anymore πŸ˜‚

          5. Yes, although that was before last night, so they may have been put on the ticket exchange πŸ˜„
            Our U23s escaped relegation with a 92nd minute goal!!
            Kev, I’d even take the audi cup right now hahaha!!

          6. We don’t deserve to play in the Audi cup anyway Xhaka would probably say we were scared in the final πŸ˜‚. So basically the whole club is a sinking ship including the unders ? 😳. Haha will you be returning Sue ? πŸ˜‰πŸ€ͺ

          7. @Kev82 I guess the UEFA Europa Conference League is the third tier European competition from next season.

          8. Will more than likely have to wait until next season, Kev.. and yes I’ve just crossed myself πŸ˜‚

  6. We need a new manager. The players need a reset. With the players we have on our books we should have done so much better this year. We need to get all our players together wilock, Niles, guendozi, Saliba, mavropanos and anyone else on loan. We need a new manager telling every player that a position in the first team is up for grabs and we need them all fighting for a place in the 11 with any new summer additions.
    We need a new manager.

  7. There is nothing I want to say that hasn’t been said here. I will simply say Arteta should shut up and get the hell out of my club. How many times has he said things willing be different but come next match he served us his usual coward football. What exactly does he think the outcome would be when set up his team to play that crap pattern of football. Arteta winning our next match won’t give us back what we have lost this season. What Willock, Saliba and Martinelli is doing on loan when playing is enough to get him sack. He is a fraud

  8. Arteta knows if he loses to WBA that will be justification enough for Kroenke to sack him despite saying just last week they have faith in him.

  9. I want us to lose every game from now til the end of the season. We have nothing to lose at all and everything to gain. I dint think anyone should want us to lose but it is for the greater good.

  10. Arteta boy looking coky after all around him is in disarray.Now is calling for fight and honor.Against who?WBA.What a clown.What a coward.Grow a spine you little turd and accept the truth-you are incompetent,arrogant,stubborn,unprepared.If I’ll be tou I’ll crawl under a rock and stay there for 1 year until people forget my name.I want Arsenal to lose all the games we have left to play,just to see this spineless clown gone for good.If losing all the games is not going to be considered a big enough embarrasement to get rid of this incompetent,I’ll drop the word β€œ football” from my existence.Coz enough is enough,everything has a limit….or no.

  11. Westbrom will get relegated if they loose this game and Big Sam will not bow out easily.

    Rafa wants to return to Premier League.

    1. Rafa would be a perfect fit for Arsenal and would get far more out of these and our younger players. Hes available, hes a top manager, no excuses, not to sack Arteta NOW.

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