Video – Arteta’s view of the Luiz and Jimenez collision

It was only a few minutes after the start of the game between Arsenal and Wolves when a corner came in from Hector Bellerin, and David Luiz and Raul Jimenez both went to head it very strongly and ended up knocking each other out.

The Arsenal physio allowed David Luiz to carry on, but poor Jimenez was stretchered off and took no more part in the game.

Mikel Arteta wishes the Wolves man well and gives his thoughts on the clash of heads…

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  1. I don’t want to hear Arteta’s thoughts on an incident that is now over. Jimenez will be ok and Luiz will have had no more than a headache.
    What I have yet to hear from Arteta is why the system and formation we had last season, that won us the FA Cup snd Community Shield, have been totally discarded. How dominant were we in the FA Cup Final against what was considered a far better Chav side? And yet now we cannot even compete with teams such as Leeds, Villa and Wolves, all which should be beaten if we are a serious top 4 side.
    Arteta has totally got team sections and tactics completely wrong and he seems to have no clue how to remedy this dire form we are in .
    Lose on Sunday to the Chavs and the writing is on the wall for Arteta and he has nobody to blame but himself.
    And as for all those contributors ( most especially Jon Fox and his massively overworked gob and ego ), who insist Arteta is akin to the second coming of the Lord, I will be very very interested in what they now have to say. But as always, and especially where Foxy is concerned, nothing will be heard of from them until the dust settles.
    Nobody can realistically defend Arteta. He started with a system that won us trophies. He had the team playing a style that certainly had us as competitive. He fold his vision to have Aubamayang sign a new contract, Saka to stay, Partey and Gabriel to sign.
    Arteta, in my mind, had till Xmas and no more. If he doesn’t turn this around then he must be sacked. The board will not hestitate I believe, as they proved with both Wenger and Emery, Arteta should realise both those managers went for total inept snd unacceptable results and performances and both those managers had far bigger pedigrees than him.
    The clock is ticking for Arteta, starting on Sunday at the Toilet Bowl

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