Video: Aston Villa strike early thanks to early Arsenal error

Aston Villa have opened the scoring early this afternoon, with Ollie Watkins punishing Arsenal early on.

The Gunners have barely warmed themselves into the matchup yet, but already trail thanks to Watkins goal inside the opening two minutes.

Pictures provided by NBC Sport and RMC Sport.

Arsenal have plenty of time to get themselves back into the matchup, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang set to star from the bench, but we will need to get ourselves organised before we fall further behind this aftnoon.


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  1. I can never understand how anyone can”START from the bench”. Surely if you are on the bench the one thing you don’t do is start!

  2. Our players dont look FIRED UP no motivation at all . Party was like playing a practice session , this is EPL , you need drive and Furnace. Disappointed , we desrve better Gunners.

  3. Arteta must choose between Willian and his job. The man is obsessed with Willian. Is he trying to justify his bad choice? I am really baffled by Arteta! Does he expect to repeat the same thing and get different results? Why was Lacca taken off? What wasn’t Martinelli played?
    Any sensible person should now give up on Arsenal. The best we can be is 8th again. We are losing not so much because of bad players but more because of poor team selection and poor tactics.

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